10 Interesting Ways To Teach ng Words For Kids

Learn ng words digraph

ng words are the words that have “ng” in them. There are no words that start with ‘ng’ but there are many words that end with ‘ng’ such as sing, ring, strong, and much more.

A Digraph consists of two-letter which make a single sound or phoneme. A digraph consists of vowels or consonants. For example,/oa/ in Coat or Toad. There are two types of digraphs, i.e., Consonant and Vowel Digraphs.

A consonant Digraph is formed by two consonant letters that make a single sound. For example,/ng/ as in wing, king.

Quick Question And Answer Round On ng Words

Q. What are ng words?

A. The voiced ng sounds exist in words such as Long, wind, Angle and Triangle.

Q. What word ends with Ng?

The list of words that end with ng are as follows:

  1. ling
  2. king
  3. ring
  4. tong
  5. ping
  6. ding
  7. sing
  8. wing
  9. song
  10. Wrong

Q. What is the phonic sound of Ng?

A. In standard GB English, < ng > is pronounced without /g/ at the end of words, so WRONG /rɒŋ/ HANG /hæŋ/ and FIGHTING /ˈfaɪtiŋ/ are pronounced with /ŋ/. If < ng > appears in the middle of a word, we also pronounce the /g/, so ANGER /ˈæŋgə/, HUNGRY /ˈhʌŋgri/ and ENGLAND /ˈɪŋglənd/ are all pronounced with /ŋg/. Source

Q. How do you read ng sound?

The video by Little learners can help you read ng sound perfectly:

Q. What are 5 letter words that have ng at the end?

A. The 5 letter words that have ng at the end are as follows:

  1. chang
  2. bhang
  3. whang
  4. hying
  5. axing

Q. What is Ng in English grammar?

A. Ng in English grammar is one of the three nasal consonant sounds.

Q. Is ng a word?

A. No ng is not the word in the scrabble disctionary.

Q. What starts with S and ends with Ng?

A. The words are as follows:

  1. Slung
  2. spang
  3. slang
  4. sting
  5. sling

Q. What word ends with n?

A. The words that end with n are as follows:

  1. amen
  2. amon
  3. anon
  4. axon
  5. ayin

Q. How do you speak Ng?

Q. Is the G in NG silent?

A. There are some letters that contain a “–ng” in which the “g” is not technically silent (e.g., ring and strong). However, in many cases where a “g” is silent, there’s an “n” or an “m” after it (e.g., bologna, reign, phlegm). Source

Q. What kind of consonant is Ng?

A. The ng is one of the three nasal consonants.

Q. Does English have ng?

A. In English language there are the words nad syllables that end with the ng sound but no words that begin with ng.

Q. Does Ng make one or two sounds?

A. Sounds that come out from the nose are nasal sounds. there are 3 sounds as ng sound, the n sound, and the m sound.

Q. Is ng a blend?

A. Consonant blends are the group of 2 or 3 consonants in words that make distinct consonant sounds.

Q. How do you teach ng and nk?

A. we will come up with a special lesson plan with fun game forthis one .

Q. Is ng a digraph?

A. Yes for sure ng is a digraph as 2 letters come together to make a single sound.

Q. How do you make Ng?

A. To make this sound, lift the back of your tongue against the soft palate, which is the soft area at the very back of the roof of your mouth, forming a seal. Then make a sound with your vocal cords. Since you have closed off your mouth, the air travels through your nose, creating the /ng/ sound. Source

Q. Which word has the digraph ng?

A. This video will help your little one understand which words has the digraph ng:

1. ng Sound Digraph

words with ng sound: Here we are going to learn about a consonant digraph. In this digraph, two letters, i.e., n and g, mix and make a single sound or phoneme /ng/.

2. Example of ng words and pictures

ng words with pictures

Some of the simple words with ng or ng sound words are as follows:

  • King
  • Wing
  • Ring
  • Sing
  • Lung
  • Song
  • String
  • Hang
  • Swing

3. Hands-On Learning

In this article, We will discuss various fun ways to learn ng digraph using fun-filled activities.

4. Using The Objects

ng words objects

Let your kids see all the objects and things in front of them. Please keep all the items related to words in front of your children and let them explore. Try to extract what they are thinking about the objects in front of them.

5. Let Them Spell Using Phonics

Words with ng for kindergarten are shown in the picture below:

Spell And Learn

Parents can let their kids recall the objects or things they have seen just now. Let them spell out using phonics. They will try to explore many new ng words using ng digraph, such as building, and strong. Parents or teachers can introduce new words by giving hints and asking questions. Let them think on their own. Ask new words for 7-year-olds to add to this list.

6. Sensory Play Helps

Sensory play with rice

Sensory play can prove to be magical for you in the learning process for your child. They enjoy doing a sensory play. Here, simultaneously kids are learning new words and phonemes. Let them be free and sense the props placed. You can give them flour, rice, or sand to trace ng words using their imagination skills. This helps in developing fine and gross motor skills. In this activity, children use their eyes to see and their hands to touch.

7. Fill In The Blanks For ng Words.

Fill in the blanks

Parents can give their child partial words with spaces in between to be filled by their kindergartner. Give ample time to think and fill. Make sure you are sticking to the ng digraph.

8. Frame Simple Sentences With ng Words

Parents should encourage their children to write as per their age requirements. Kindergartners can frame simple sentences. The teacher can give simple words to frame sentences. Let kids wear their thinking caps and try to make sentences on their own.

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9. Reading Story Is Magical

Short story using ng words

You can explore a short story. Parents can always support their children to read, read, and read. You can select a concise story to start building habits, followed by focusing on the discussed related story. Read with your child in the comfy reading corner. Once kids are comfortable, encourage them to make a short story using ng words. You can always prompt them to give clues and picture ideas.

10. Doing Art Activity with ng Words

Art activity

I, with the help of my child, used my imagination to make the learning fun and interesting. We made a jungle out of a waste shoe box. We stick the words all over the jungle. My child loves to explore all around the jungle. She researches and tries to spell and read some words in the jungle. On top of it, cheery on the cake was the surprise sentence she made using strong. This is the best activity to teach ng words for toddlers.

Words With ng In The Middle

Let us have a look at Words with ng in the middle:

  1.  hungry
  2. Inge
  3. finger
  4. jungle
  5. single
  6. jingle
  7. danger
  8. changing
  9. banger
  10. Pangea
  11. tongue
  12. endangered
  13. inga
  14. bangle
  15. dongle
  16. hunger
  17. Bengal
  18. singer
  19. fungus
  20. linger
  21. belongings
  22. wrangler
  23. givingness
  24. ranger
  25. dangle
  26. clanging
  27. manger
  28. boringness
  29. stingray
  30. length
  31. longer
  32. avenging
  33. Ganges
  34. intangible
  35. zinger
  36. triangular
  37. Yangon
  38. ringer
  39. tangle
  40. mingle
  41. elongate
  42. binger
  43. pinger
  44. tongan
  45. meningitis
  46. conger
  47. bingle
  48. hanger

Medial NG by Syllables















Ping Pong





3 Syllable



chewing gum





hearing aid

heating pad


marching band





Final NG by Syllables

2 Syllable






























3 Syllable




car racing





jump roping



rock climbing

storm warning




wedding ring

weight lifting


4 Syllable



deep sea fishing


figure skating


horseback riding

mountain climbing


river rafting

roller skating

salad dressing

scuba diving


water skiing

4-letter ‘ng’ words

Are you excited to know about 4-letter ‘ng’ words? Here we are with the list of commonly used words:

  1. hang
  2. ring
  3. sing
  4. sang
  5. wing
  6. gang
  7. hung
  8. ling
  9. mung
  10. pong
  11. mong
  12. ding

Happy Fun Learning!

So, Do you like this n and ng words lesson plan? Here is all about this lesson. Let us know in the comment box below if you have come across any short ng words.

This is how my child and I love to make learning fun. These are the hands-on activities initiated by me for my child to learn this lesson. Please feel free to share your experiences with digraphs and learning. And let me know about the feedback about the above-discussed learning in the comment box below.

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