How To Develop Reading Habit in Children


Reading is an experience that helps every person understand everything better, especially children. Reading should be every child’s habit, but not every child loves to read. Children at their growing age tend to develop different hobbies and interests. Some like reading and writing and some don’t. Having a good reading habit can help the child increase his/ her knowledge about things. Reading as a habit is essential and beneficial to all students. Yet, it is difficult for the parents of those children who don’t take any such interest in reading to inculcate the habit of reading in their child.

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Why is Reading Important?

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Reading transports us to new and exciting places and times. Reading takes our minds out of stressful situations and into calm. It leads us to new ways of seeing ourselves and the world. We can relate to other people and their life experiences and connect them to our own to understand and get through everything with ease and motivation.

Reading draws us into the beauty of language, which is vital in a student’s life. Connecting to language acts as a key that unlocks all the locks that hinder a child’s growth, so reading is an integral part of a student’s life.

Encouraging a good reading habit in children

Parents can play a crucial role in helping and encouraging their children to develop good reading habits. It is essential to know the likes and dislikes of your child first. If he/ she likes reading, then motivating the child to read more and providing good reading material can go a long way. If your child doesn’t want to read, thinks of reading as dull, and has difficulty trying to read, it can be a matter of concern.

Parents can also try to make their children develop some interest in reading. They need to know and understand why their child doesn’t like reading. Once they have the answer to this question, they can try and figure out a way to fix whatever problem their child is facing while reading. If the child thinks it’s boring, parents can try to make him/ her understand and find ways where reading can be fun!

Develop a Reading Habit in your Children

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Keeping more and more books in the house and creating a safe and peaceful environment for a child at home to read with full concentration are also many ways to encourage reading at home. Parents need to make sure that their child does reading enough to make sure that he/she can understand and learn everything being taught at school.

Being communicative about whatever your child has been reading or is wanting to read can also help create a notion in your child’s mind that his/ her reading habit is your concern too, which in turn motivates children to try and read more!

Setting an example

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Parents are always role models for their children. If your child sees you taking an interest in reading, he/ she might try it too. This way, you can set an example for your child and help increase his or her interest in reading.

Reading doesn’t have to be Frustrating

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If your child is having problems with reading and thinks that reading is annoying and frustrating, you should always be supportive and comforting in these situations because that keeps the child going. As a parent, it is a duty to make the child feel good enough, even when they think so low.

It’s always better if your child has positivity and motivation in his/ her mind to overcome whatever difficulties he/ she is facing while reading or any other activity, and this positivity needs to be taught in him/ her by you. Getting a tutor for your child to help with the reading problem is also a great alternative!

Merits Of Reading Daily To Your Kids

If parents read a small book daily with their kids. It will develop a perfect habit of reading from childhood itself. They will enjoy reading. Some of the merits are:

  • Kids build their listening skills.
  • When we read with them, their imagination level takes to a new level.
  • Toddlers and preschoolers will learn to develop their interests. You can read about knowing the world, craft, numbers, and shapes.
  • They love to learn about stories with morals at the end. This leads to building good manners and aliquots naturally.
  • Reading to your babies will improve their knowledge and IQ levels.
  • When children read, they develop reasoning and logic behind the plot they are reading. They try to dig the details. They question the plot.
  • Short stories with morals develop a sense of curiosity in them. What will happen at the end? What did we learn in this story?
  • Stories with fiction they learn to fantasize and imagine freely.
  • Reading books helps the children to calm down in any situation. They don’t panic easily. They are ready to face things and reality. In a later stage of life, They don’t have anxiety and stress.
  • It helps in building the catching power. Kids wonder about the situation.
  • If you, as a parent, start early; It will be joyful for your child. The kid will enjoy reading. It will become his passion.
  • When kids read, they gradually develop to focus and concentrate on a particular thing. And stays there until it is finished. They don’t get distracted easily.
  • Reading with actions and sounds can be magical for foundation stage kids.
  • With the reading habit, You and your child share a special bond of love and secret communication skill.
  • In this way, Kids develop a habit of reading at an early stage and love to read shortly.

Starting Early Can Be Magical

I am a big supporter of starting early on reading. Once your baby learns to balance his head. It is the best time to utilize the opportunity. Parents can take a concise book with attractive and cute pictures. Let your baby be free to turn and flip the page. He will be fascinated to look at the colorful and bright images. I bet you will love this moment. It is a precious and memorable moment for you. Make sure the baby doesn’t take the book in the mouth. Try to read an object/thing in the picture with your soft, gentle voice. Let him recognize the sound and lapse. You can read with phonics and let them see you read.

Happy Reading!

Good reading habits are incredibly beneficial, and so it is vital to ensure that your child has developed good reading habits, so it can be proved advantageous for him/ her later in all stages of life. Our say here is to promote and create a love for reading in children. It can only be accomplished with the help of parents as role models if they watch you reading. They will copy you, and in the future, it will become their love. I am sure we will see our little ones turning into fabulous readers one day.

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