Why Do Exercise Needs Vary Between Individuals?

Why Do Exercise Needs Vary Between Individuals

If you wish to have a healthy body, you have to do exercise or should involve in physical activity that works on every muscle in your body. Everyone knows how physical activity is essential to maintaining a healthy body. But doing exercise may be a difficult task for some people to follow regularly.  Why are you not able to make it a routine? Why Do Exercise Needs Vary Between Individuals? Maybe you will be doing someone’s exercises. It means exercise needs vary between individuals.

Why do exercise needs vary between individuals? There are many reasons you must know why exercise needs vary between individuals. Factors that affect the individual exercise needs include age, gender, height, weight, activity strength, and other health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases. An individual metabolism also plays an important role in deciding the exercise needs.


Benefits Of Exercises

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Define exercise. Exercise is a structured physical activity that has to do repeatedly with planning through which you can maintain your overall health, wellness, and physical fitness. You will have a lot of benefits from exercising.

They include;

  • Good sleep
  • Can prevent the falls
  • Increase the longevity
  • Strengthen your muscles and bones
  • Reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancers
  • Improve your focus and mood
  • Control your blood sugar and insulin levels

To reap all these benefits, you have to do different exercise that works to give the specified benefit. It is not possible to get all benefits by just doing any physical activity or exercise.


Factors That Affect Your Exercise Needs

Why do exercise needs vary between individuals? As mentioned earlier, certain factors decide the exercise needs of an individual. Let us see it here in detail.




Age is one of the deciding factors to select an exercise suitable for an individual. A teenager can do more exercise than an adult. As you age, concentrate more on the quality of activity than quantity.




More weighed people may require more exercise than smaller people. However, everyone should start with lesser exercise and gradually increase according to their weight.




Women have lesser strength than men. The activity requirements vary between men and women. Women need to do workout frequently than men to maintain good health. Women need to do more cardiovascular exercise than men.



Height Measuring tape

Like weight, height is also an essential factor that decides your exercise needs. The taller men require more activities than the shorter men. Weight lifting also is more for taller than shorter people.


Activity strength


High intense activity is the best choice to get in shape quickly. But if you are a less active, start with low-intensity activity and gradually step to high-intensity activity. You can do the activities such as walking, running, swimming, and more.




The metabolic rate defines your body’s metabolism. Age, sex, height, and weight determine the individual metabolic rate. People with higher metabolic rates need to burn more calories than people with lower metabolic rates.


Health condition

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Check your health before picking the exercise. The doctor may recommend a suitable workout routine for your health conditions if you have any health issues.


Personal ability

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You know your ability. Don’t go beyond that. Do the workout that works well to your limit.


How Can You Identify Your Exercise Needs? – Why Do Exercise Needs Vary Between Individuals?


Know your goal and achieve it


Overall fitness is the main goal of doing exercise. But everyone starts doing exercise to achieve certain goals. People are doing exercise to

  • Reduce weight
  • Improve muscle strength
  • Improve the flexibility
  • Improve the mental health
  • And more


Select the activity you liked the most

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Different types of exercises available include aerobic, cardio, flexibility, strength training, and balance. Select the activity you liked the most and make it your routine.


Based on the timing you can spend


For optimum results, the adults must engage in moderate-intensity exercise for 150 minutes two days each week. The 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise is optimum for a day. It can do five days a week. Like every exercise has its time measurement for better results. Know your time and select the exercise accordingly.


Choose the intensity that suits you


Jogging has more intense than brisk walking and vigorous walking. The study found that adults under the age of 60 can choose brisk walking that occurs at about 100 steps per minute. The intensity may vary for everyone. Choose an activity that has an intensity that suits your age and physical fitness. Also, making use of a heat pack during your chosen activity can help prevent muscle strain and promote relaxation.

Above all, you need to get help from a professional trainer to select the physical activity that is safe and result oriented. He will consider all the factors and recommends the physical activity that works well for you.


Final Words- Why do exercise needs vary between individuals?

Exercising is a good choice to make your body fit and healthy. But not all exercises are not for you. The exercise needs vary between individuals based on several factors such as age, height, weight, activity level, overall health, and fitness level. When you plan to stick to the activity routine, share your health condition and other factors with the professional trainer and know your perfect exercise needs.

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