12 Foods To Avoid With Trulicity

foods to avoid with trulicity

Being in the prescription Trulicity it is essential to avoid certain foods. What are the foods to avoid with Trulicity? The Foods to avoid is not mean that drugs will react with food and cause any serious problems. Knowing the foods to avoid with Trulicity will help you prevent the side effects and other illnesses. Following proper diet and exercise along with drugs may help you to improve the performance of the drug.

In this article we will focus on:

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  • side effects of trulicity

Blood Sugar Levels in healthy pregnancy

Trulicity is the prescription prescribed for type 2 diabetes people. Type 2 diabetes is a medical condition that occurs when your body produces enough insulin. It affects the blood sugar levels in the body. Type 2 diabetes patients will have symptoms such as frequent urination, hunger feeling, fatigue, increased thirst, and blurred vision. It can treat with appropriate medication with proper diet and exercise.

Just get to know about Trulicity why it is prescribed for you and what is it.

What is Trulicity?

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Trulicity is the medicine prescribed to the patient with type-2 diabetes. It improves the blood sugar level and reduces the risk of major cardiovascular events including nonfatal stroke, nonfatal heart attack, cardiovascular death, and other incidents that cause damage to the heart muscle. Taking with proper diet and exercise can see the good results of Trulicity which also helps in losing weight.

Trulicity is the brand name that contains the drug Dulaglutide and is prescribed in the form of an injection. It is a non-insulin drug. A Patient who is prescribed Trulicity has to inject this drug once a week. It can be injected under the stomach, thigh, or upper arm.

What does it do to the body?

How does trulicity work? This non-insulin drug is an agonist of the glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor which enhances the activity of the GLP-1 receptor. It is similar to the hormone GLP-1 which is secreted naturally in the human body to stimulate insulin secretion. It regulates blood sugar levels. The Trulicity drug also works in the same way the GLP-1 hormone does.

When the Trulicity is injected, it binds with the GLP-1 receptor and helps in the releasing of insulin from the beta cells of the pancreas. It is available in 0.75mg dose in the form of a single-use disposable pen.

  1. It reduces the glucagon secretion to control glucose production by the liver.
  2. Trulicity reduces hunger cramps
  3. It increases intracellular second messengers such as cAMP.

12 Foods to avoid with Trulicity

The right diet and food choice are helpful in Trulicity to effectively give better performance in controlling blood sugar levels and treating type-2 diabetes symptoms.

While in this medication there is a chance for some side effects including stomach pain, indigestion, loss of appetite, vomiting, bloating, and diarrhea. To avoid such any side effects and increase the performance of Trulicity avoid following foods from adding to your diet.

  1. Sweetened Beverages – Soda or sweetened beverages are rich in carbs and fructose which creates insulin resistance. These drinks also cause metabolic changes like increasing harmful cholesterol levels, promoting belly fat, weight gain, and obesity. It is bad for heart health.
  2. White foods – White foods like white bread, pasta, and white rice have high sugar content which can increase blood sugar levels. Whole grains such as whole-grain bread, oatmeal, brown wild rice, and barley are the better choice than white rice and have less effect on blood sugar.
  3. Sweetened breakfast cereals – Cereals like corn flakes are low in protein and high in carbohydrates. It can increase blood sugar levels. Adapting the protein-rich breakfast is good for controlling blood sugar levels.
  4. Sweetened yogurt and coffee drinks (trulicity and caffeine) – Flavored and sweetened yogurt and coffee drinks are not the same as plain yogurt and coffee. They are rich in carbs and sugar which can cause indigestion and increase blood sugar levels.
  5. Table sugar and cookies- Table sugar and cookies made out of it can increase blood sugar levels. Taking sugar alternatives like honey, maple syrup, and brown sugar is also not good for diabetes patients as it has larger carbs content than white sugar.
  6. Packaged snacks- Whatever packaged snacks, all are made from sugar, salt, white flour, and preservatives. It can give taste but they are full of trans fat which can increase bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol, which can increase the risk of heart diseases. Type-2 diabetes patients should look for alternatives for these. Nuts, seeds, avocado olive, and canola are the best choice over packed snacks.
  7. Dried fruit and fruit juices- Dried fruit may increase the blood sugar level more than actual fruit. Type-2 diabetes patients should consider actual fruit than dried fruit.
  8. Fructose or fruit sugar – in fruit juices can increase blood sugar more quickly than in raw fruit. Raw fruit is better than fruit juices.
  9. Alcohol- The reaction between alcohol and Trulicity can cause both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. It is recommended to drink alcohol moderately mixing it with diet soda or calorie-free drinks.
  10. Full-fat dairy products- Full-fat dairy products are rich in saturated fats and can lead to insulin resistance. Products including cream, ice cream, cream cheese, and full-fat yogurt must avoid full-fat dairy products.
  11. Avoid fried and baked foods- Deep-fried and baked foods are full of trans fat, which can cause indigestion and elevate blood sugar levels. It is good to say no to fried, fatty, and sweet bakery foods.
  12. Smoking and tobacco- Nicotine content in cigarettes can increase blood sugar levels and cause insulin resistance. Quitting smoking and avoiding tobacco is good and will help to keep control of blood sugar levels.

How To Administer Trlulicity Step By Step

Trulicity injections administration Instruction manual
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What Foods To Eat With Trulicity?

We have already learned about foods to avoid with trulicity. Here we will have a look at Fiber-rich and diabetes superfoods to add to a diet:

  • Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of vitamins A, C, E, and K, calcium, potassium, and iron.
  • Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and vitamin A.
  • Tomatoes are rich in vitamins C, and E, potassium, and low in carbohydrates.
  • Healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids help in lowering blood pressure and inflammation. Nuts are an excellent source of healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • You can also take low-fat dairy products such as milk and yogurt.
  • Blueberries and apples are low-sugar fruits that are good for people with diabetes
  • People who take Trulicity can add fruit juices without sugar to their diet.
  • Low-fat cheeses are a good source of protein
  • Legumes, nuts, and seeds can also add to their diet. They are great sources of fiber, proteins, and vitamins.

Trulicity Side Effects

Side effects of trulicity – When you are on continuous medication or new to a particular medication, you may experience side effects. Some of the common side effects

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Pain in the stomach
  • Reduced appetite
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Indigestion
  • Weight loss

Some serious side effects include;

  • Severe stomach pain
  • Problem in eyesight
  • Inflamed pancreas
  • Low blood sugar level
  • Kidney problems

Mostly the side effects occur because of foods you consume, your health conditions and sometimes it may cause due to other medications. If you avoid the foods that are discomfort and inflamed, you can avoid the major side effects.  Inform your doctor if you are taking any other medication. It makes it easy for a doctor to prescribe accordingly.

Benefits Of Trulicity

Trulicity new wonder drug
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Trulicity effectively works to treat type 2 diabetes, and many clinical studies confirmed it. It effectively controls the blood glucose or blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

The advantages of Trulicity are;

  • It controls the proportion of sugar added into the blood from the liver
  • It allows the foods to stay longer in the gut
  • It helps the pancreas release insulin to control the blood sugar level

Trulicity may be the best drug for treating type-2 diabetes, you should support its work by following a proper diet although it has no restriction on any particular food. Trulicity start to work immediately it enters the body and activates the mechanism to release enough insulin to control the blood sugar level. It has to take once a week. People with type 2 diabetes should consult with a doctor and get the necessary medical test before taking Trulicity to have a good result. Trulicity may be the best drug in treating type-2 diabetes, you should support its work by following a proper diet although it has no restriction on any particular food.

Mechanism Of Action Of Trulicity Dulaglutide

Trulicity dulaglutide mechanism of action
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Those who are using trulicity please let us know trulicity review in the comment box below!

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