Guidance for Curing Stomach Pain in Babies

Stomach Pain In babies

Causes of Stomach Pain in Babies

Stomach pain in babies is common in infants. It can happen due to a lot of reasons. It’s normal for a baby to have stomach pain but it can be a cause of worry if the pain remains for a longer period than expected.

Some of the frequent reasons for stomach pain in babies are:

  • Gas- In children, colic, and gas frequently go together. This is because their stomach is still developing. The gas emerges due to problematic digestion of certain food items or gulping air. This can be a cause of stomach pain in children and irritate the body.
  • Reflux- Reflux happens due to indigestion in babies. It is also called heartburn because infants with reflux have a consuming sensation of stomach acid returning up their throat. Signs of reflux include- wheezing, choking, frequent hiccups, puking, etc. This is also a cause of stomach pain in babies.

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  • Constipation- Constipation is basically the blockage of bowel movements. If an infant is having a dysfunctional bowel movement pattern, he/ she is likely to be constipated. Constipation also causes stomach pain. Constipation can occur if the baby is not drinking sufficient water, or due to changes in diet.
  • Stomach flu- stomach flu is an intestinal infection that is not very common in babies, but it still can be one of the reasons that a baby has stomach cramps. Signs of stomach flu include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fever, stomach pain, etc. Seeking immediate medical help if these signs are shown by your baby is very important.
  • Food Allergies- your baby can start to have stomach pain due to certain food allergies. Since the baby’s stomach and intestine are still in the developing stage, he/ she can have an unpleasant reaction after eating certain food items. Food allergies also cause abdominal pain and vomiting in babies.

How to soothe stomach pain in babies?

Every baby is different and the same soothing strategies won’t necessarily work on all babies. Here are some ways you can try to soothe your baby’s stomach ache:

  • Try to Swaddle the infant in a blanket for a while.

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  • Hold the baby and constantly sway them or walk around in a steady motion.
  • Pacifier is a good option if it calms and soothes your baby.

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  • Try to avoid foods that seem to irritate in your baby’s eating behavior.
  • Don’t give your baby excessive meals and let him/ her empty the stomach before the next feed.
  • Ask the pediatrician For medications that take away stomach acid and make the stomach empty faster.

Signs to look out for:

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  • If your baby keeps crying constantly and the stomach pain situation doesn’t seem to get better, it can be a sign of infection. It’s better to consult a doctor in such a case.
  • The baby’s body temperature is higher than normal and he/ she is constantly vomiting, then it’s time to see the Paediatrician and seek medical help
  • If the baby has Diarrhea for a longer period of time, consult with the doctor. It can be a sign of stomach flu that might get worse if remains untreated.

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