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Find Out Is It Ok To Give Pacifier To Baby? And Its Pros and Cons

Is is ok to give pacifier to baby

Nothing satisfies its name like a pacifier. Pacifiers can please an irritated and upset infant like a flash. Pacifiers are commonly known as teether and soothers. It can enable the whole family to get some vital rest when lack of sleep starts to kick in. Experts have noticed that prolonged use of pacifiers can cause oral motor development issues. This is vital for a baby’s speech and feeding. So, Is it ok to give a pacifier to your crying baby? So here’s everything you need to know about a pacifier! 

What did Pacifier Do To A Baby?

Pacifier Can:

  • Comforts
  • Soothes
  • Calms
  • Make the feeling of relaxation.
  • Help cry baby to feel cool.

Pacifiers: Yes Or No

Yes Or No

There is a big debate about whether we should give a pacifier to your baby. Some think it’s fine; some are opposing it. I feel it’s completely fine if given proper care. You can give a pacifier to calm and comfort your crying baby. And, A baby has a desperate need to suck. It can aid the sleeping process in infants and babies. It can reduce the uncertain breastfeed sucking when babies are not hungry even. They can suck on to a pacifier to ease the feeling. It calms the irritation and fuss feel. Unfortunately, Giving a pacifier has negative sides, which we will discuss further in this article.

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