Top 7 Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary

improve your vocabulary

Vocabulary is simply defined as the knowledge of words. The more words a person learns the more they improve their vocabulary. As a child starts learning words, the ability to express his thoughts and feelings to others also increases. Additionally, vocabulary is crucial for understanding. Learning new words is very important to improve the vocabulary in any language.

So what can you do to fast and efficiently increase your vocabulary in English? Here are five recommendations for improving vocabulary learning.


1. Read Every Day 

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Reading is the most effective method of learning new words and expressions. Reading blogs, books, newspapers, and magazines enable you to learn new words. Analyze the context and try to deduce the meaning. If you can’t, then you can always look for help in the dictionary.


2. Learn New Words With Context

Learn New Words

The context is on your side when learning new words! It assists you in determining the meaning of unfamiliar terms, demonstrates the context in which a word is used, and prolongs your memory of the phrase. 

It means reading and listening are more effective to develop vocabulary than memorizing words. It means it is better to learn the use of new words than memorize them. 


3. Play Word Games To Improve Your Vocabulary


Word games are enjoyable and useful to increase your vocabulary. You must learn new words and phrases in order to play many exciting games.

Play Apple to Apple, Upwords, or Scrabble to get started. You can also get started with simpler games like Guess the Word, pictionary, or charades that simply require paper and a pen. 

Because you can play these with your friends, they are even more enjoyable. Food, drink, paper, and a pen may make for a great time with your pals. Click this link to find out all words using an advanced search. 


4. Reading Phrases And Idioms 

Reading Phrases And Idioms
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Idioms are crucial because they let you express yourself in a distinctive way. So, instead of saying “You’re right,” you may say “You hit the nail on the head,” which is a more emphasizing remark. 

The use of idioms may be quite humorous as they help you express yourself more honestly while also exhibiting your individuality and sense of humor.

Surround yourself with people who speak and communicate in the English language. You can watch some CATKing videos on YouTube and gain knowledge from them.


5. Practice Word Association To Improve Your Vocabulary

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Word association is the process of linking a word to something it reminds you automatically. This type of word association is a memory trick to remember not just words, but also people’s names.

Make connections between words and organize them in the form of a spider diagram in a notebook. The theme can be a situation or topic. 

For example, the word “endoscopy” is a medical term that means a process using which a physician looks into your stomach using a thin pipe fitted with a tiny camera. You can associate endoscopy with words like doctor, medical, hospital, stomach, and belly. 


6. Listen To Podcasts


Listening to podcasts on various topics can expose you to new vocabulary in context. Podcasts can be really helpful to learn a new language. Podcasts don’t require you to free some time from your routine, which makes it ideal for working people.


7. Observe Words In Real Life

Words have power

Another best way to improve vocabulary is to keep an eye on the words you read and listen to in English. Note the real-life examples of the words you note, and learn how to use them correctly in sentences. In addition to the specific word you note, the surrounding words are also important, especially when you are learning common collocations. 


Summing Up on Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary!

You don’t need to use all these tips mentioned in this post. Simply choose the tips that seem to work best for you. We all are different and we all learn differently. So, the tips that work for you may not work for others. Regardless of the tips you use, you should keep a record of the new words you learned to keep track of your progress. 

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