Does Diet Green Tea Really Helps In Weight Loss?

diet Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most highly consumable beverages in the entire world. It is made from Camellia sinensis leaves extract. Green Tea was originated in China and then gradually spread to all the other countries. It provides a lot of health benefits due to the presence of antioxidants including weight loss, improved brain function, lowering risk of cancer, reduced bad breath, prevention of cardiovascular disease, and more. Many of us will choose diet green tea as a beverage to reduce our weight. It has some proven results that it contributes well to weight loss goals. Their benefits are more. Reading further you can get more information.

Top 6 Benefits Of Green Tea With Lemon

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  1. The powerhouse of healthy bioactive compounds- It is not just hydrating beverage it has a range of healthy compounds. It is rich in polyphenols that can help in reducing inflammation and fighting against cancer.
  2. Improve brain function- The presences of L-theanine and a small amount of caffeine in green tea have powerful effects in improving brain function.
  3. Increase fat burning- Some research reports that green tea can increase fat burning and enhance metabolic rate.
  4. Reducing the chances of cancer- Green tea has antioxidant properties which help in reducing a variety of cancer such as colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.
  5. Reduce bad breath- Green Tea has the presence of catechins which helps in preventing the growth of oral bacteria which ultimately helps in controlling the bad breath.
  6. Prevent cardiovascular disease- Green tea has shown good results in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases including heart disease and stroke.


Based on the flavor and ingredients used there are different types of green teas available. Every type of tea has its own health benefits mainly weight loss. The different types are as follows;

  1. Mint green tea
  2. Tulsi green tea
  3. Chamomile green tea
  4. Jasmine green tea
  5. Matcha
  6. Himalayan green tea
  7. Honey lemon green tea

More About Diet Green Tea

Like tea which is green that comes from Camellia Sinensis, there is an artificially sweetened bottled one called diet green tea available in the market. Brewed green tea is made from the extract of Camellia Sinensis. It has more antioxidants and provides a lot of health benefits such as weight loss, reduces anxiety, lowers the risk of heart diseases and cancers, reduces stress, and more.

Artificial tea, in contrast, increases your appetite and leads to weight gain. The amount of antioxidants in diet green tea is not equal to the content in brewed green tea. It requires drinking 5 to 10 bottles of diet green tea to equalize the effect of freshly brewed green tea.

So if you are deciding to reduce your weight diet green tea is not the right option. The sweetener used in this tea induces us to eat more and results in obesity. Consuming diet green tea instead brewed green tea is bad for health. It is not the perfect diet green tea for weight loss.

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. It is always advised to take the help of a medical professional if you have any health concerns. This is just for informational purposes only.


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