7 Ways To Teach oo Words With Short /oo/ Sound

Learn oo words with short oo sound

A Digraph consists of two-letter which make one sound. A digraph can be a vowel digraph such as /oa/ or a consonant digraph. There are basically forty-four sounds in total. Children start learning digraphs in the early years gradually. A consonant digraph such as /ng/ digraph is easy to learn as it is easy to pronounce as the tongue placement is in the same place. Here we will have a deep discussion about learning short /00/ sounds and words. This article will discuss examples and fun activities to do with children to learn oo words with the short /oo/ sound.

Some of the interesting and easy ways which I do to make my kids learn short /oo/ words are as follows:

1. oo Words List

words with double o or double o words or words with two o’s or words with 2 os:

Some of the common ones are with the ending of ook or even words with oo in middle as in:

  • book
  • look
  • took
  • cook

Some of the common ones are words with oo in them:

Some other examples are:

  • wool
  • foot
  • soot

2. Short oo words with pictures

Flash cards with oo words

With the help of flashcards, you can make your kids learn. Make elementary and attractive flash cards. I used handmade cards with my children to practice and spell the words correctly.

3. With the Help Of Story – words with short oo

Reading helps a lot in the process of introducing new digraphs and words to the children. Here, I used an exciting short story. Children thoroughly enjoyed the story. With reading, they learned the newly introduced /00/ words with full enthusiasm and interest.

4. oo Words Phonics


The best way is to practice. It’s rightly said practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, it works with our little ones. The more we practice the phonic sounds with them; The perfect is the outcome. Practice the /oo/ words having the sound daily with some physical exercise.

5. Hopping Game

This is the game introduced by me to my children. When kids are familiar with the words. You can try this game with them. The steps are as follows:

  • There is a starting point
  • 2-4 players can play.
  • When one kid says the correct word with the short /00/ words, the kid will hop forward.
  • And if he says wrong, he has to hop backward.
  • Suppose he passes a chance, he will remain in the same position.
  • The kid who reached first to the endpoint wins.

In this way, we can correlate the literacy activity with some fun physical games. My kids literally loved it. Please let me know the reviews on this game.

6. Real-Objects With /00/ Words

Real objects with oo words

Encourage to discover new objects with the oo words. First, introduce all the words with oo. Then let kids have a chance to roam around in the classroom or in their house to find an abject with the /00/ word. My child instantly found a doll and showed her “Foot.”It is the best way to practice/oo/ words. Gradually, We can show more objects, some tricky ones in the house, such as ‘hook’ in the kitchen or ‘wool,’ the sweater.

7. Sand-Tray Tracing oo Words

I love to do sensory play-based learning. And I try to inculcate it in all the possible forms. Here, With short /00/ sounds. I gave myself a chance to my kids to have some fun with sand. They love to tace and scribble on the sand. In this activity, They have to trace the words with this sounds. Each child should get a chance. The child with difficulties can be encouraged to trace the oo sound on the sand to start.

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Happy Learning!

Hopping game with oo words

These are the exciting ways by which I teach my children about oo words with short /oo/sounds. Introduce the concept slowly. Let them practice and have fun learning using various activities discussed above. Let them be free to select their favorite activity out of all. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing thoughts and activities on long oo words, and you can make the comparison. Please feel free to discuss your ideas on this lesson plan. Happy Learning!!

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