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Gudiance for Parents When Child Lose Their First Baby Teeth

first teeth fall

Baby Teeth

Tooth Fairy

The purpose of this piece of my writing forms the pure thought that came to my mind to discuss and share about my child’s first tooth fall at the age of 5.5 years. My kid is super excited and panicked to have a brand new experience of the tooth falling. She prepared a letter to a tooth fairy, demanding a shiny gold coin, which took my heartbeat away. But, The Peppa pig tooth fairy episode eases the pain of my child as he loved to watch and follow steps. It is such a memorable moment for me. From birth, Babies begin to have and love their cute baby tooth. The baby teeth start to fall from age 5 years. To make space for permanent teeth to come in. This is just the age it starts; it can delay for a year or two.

The Teeth To Fall First

teeth lose

  • Two lower front teeth are known as bottom central incisors.
  • Two upper front teeth are known as top central incisors.

After that starts the falling of other incisors, first molars, second molars, and canines.

Room For Permanent Teeth

As soon as the primary ones’ falling starts, It makes room for the secondary teeth to come in, commonly known as permanent teeth. The secondary teeth start to put pressure on the gums. Due to pressure, it destroys the roots of the baby tooth.

Loose Baby Teeth

  • First, baby teeth start to lose from the place.
  • The kid can complain of feeling wiggly wobbly at the tooth space.
  • The process of loose teeth starts months early before it falls off.
  • It gradually comes out on its own.
  • Sometimes a mild pressure on the tooth makes it to fall.
  • It comes out when your child is eating food to creates pressure.
  • My child’s tooth came out when she was pulling her daddy’s t-shirt with her tooth.
  • Don’t force to trouble the tooth procedure fast as sometimes it can cause bacterial infection.
  • Better to make your child aware that your loose teeth will fall one day and have to be careful while doing any activity, which creates pressure on the following baby tooth.
  • If the baby tooth doesn’t come out naturally even after months of getting lost, It’s always better to consult your child’s dentist.
  • In this video, we are pretending to show how the visit to a dentist feels like? What happens when Mr. Doo-Doo First tooth falls out.

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