Find Out Creative And Easy Ways To Introduce Plants To Children

To introduce plants to children

Plants are one of the charming and beautiful living beings on earth. Children fantasize and imagine the process of a plant growing. Kids are inquisitive to know about plants in the early years of their life. What are the plants? How do they grow? What is the food of the plant? Why plant needs sun? and so on endless questions strikes their mind.

Visits To The Garden For Plants

The best way is the real visit to the garden. I believe it works best with small children. I took my kids to a beautiful plant nursery to let them have a closer look at plants and their growth. You can always take your kids to the gardens, parks, or maybe in your backyard or balcony. In this way, They will gradually become familiar with plants and their parts.

Our Farmers-The Real Heroes

They have heard about unsung real heroes ‘Our Farmer.’I thought to let them meet and discuss what it feels to have a real love and passion for another guild, plant, seeds, and food. In this way, our children learned many values simultaneously. The best part was we should not waste food. We should respect food. And, On a plate, we should only take the amount we can eat. Our kids came to know about the hard work and sacrifice our farmers make to avail of food for us.

Here, I tried to introduce plants’ topics to my preschoolers and kindergartner with this lovely rhyme. The farmer plants the seeds …..Hi, Ho, the dairy-o, The farmer plants the seeds:

Seeds For Plants

seeds for plants

This is the first step our children can relate to as they are familiar with the farmer. The farmer plants the seeds in the soil. They have to wait to see a beautiful change in some time. When we are singing, we can always do it with actions and dance. Here, I let my kids do the farmer’s pretend action to put seeds inside the soil.

Sun Shines

Sun shines

Mr. Sun is one of the best friends of the plants in the growing process. In this way, the kids can feel the importance of the sun in life. They realized they need the sun to grow; a source of vitamin D is the sun. Here, with the kids, we did some actions of making a circle with fingers’ help. We use props of the sun. Or, children can form a circle holding hands to form a big circle.

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