Find Out Easy Ways To Teach Digraph /oa/ To Kids

To Learn oa Digraph

What Is Digraph?

A Digraph consists of two-letter which make one sound. A digraph can be formed of vowels or consonants. But, Basically, it is formed of two letters. Like for example,/ai/ in Snail or Rain. There are two types of a digraph, i.e., Consonant and Vowel Digraphs. Consonant Digraph is formed by two consonant letters that make a single sound. For example /ck/ as in tick,/ch/ as in a chain,/ph/ as in phonics,/sh/ as in shoes.Vowel Digraph is made up of two letters in which at least one is a vowel. For example:/ae/, /ie/, /oe/, /ee/.Next, we will discuss the oa digraph.

All About /oa/ Digraph

oa Digraph

Here we are learning about /oa/ digraph. We will discuss all this consonant digraph. Digraph teaching is always fun and engaging. Kids love to learn digraphs when hands-on activities and engaging tasks are assigned to them.Some examples of words which uses /oa/ digraph are road, toad, coat,foam,soap,coast,toast,oats,goat,throat and coal.You can make different games to practice digraph and enhance vocabulary.

Hands-On Ways To Learn

oa Digraph

Some simple ways to practice and learn /oa/ digraph are as follows:

  • The simplest way is to make an/oa/ digraph poster containing all the words using this digraph. Let the kid spell and practice whenever he wants. The poster’s benefit is its always available on the wall and easily accessible for kids to go through and practice.
  • Another way is the sorting activity. Let the kid have the available objects/things to sort as per the digraph sound. Ones he is done sorting, let him arrange and spell all the words which use /oa/ digraph and practice.

oa Digraph understanding with objects

  • Clip cards are an exciting way to learn digraph. With the help of their parents, kids can make clip cards of the words that have/oa/ digraph and laminate for further use. You can form a clip card string with a rope to make a beautiful clip card hanged for fun learning.

clip cards of oa Digraph

  • Another fun way is by coloring. Assigning the kids to sort and color. For example, Colour, all the words yellow, uses the digraph /oa/, red, which uses the digraph /ai/.
  • Another way is by forming the table on a piece of paper. Give kids different words stickers. Kids have to sort out all the words that use digraph and put it under the particular column, as shown in the picture below.

Digraph Table

  • You can make a flowering plant consisting of all the words containing oa digraph in the form of leaves, and kids will enjoy drawing and coloring simultaneously.
  • Kids can use digraph puzzles to learn about different digraphs. In this way, kids will identify the type of digraph used.

So, This is the basics of Digraphs. And, These are the fun ways by which I teach my kids about digraph. Introduce the concept gradually and let them practice and learn fun using the multisensory activities discussed above. Please feel free to discuss your ideas on the vowel digraph. Happy Learning!!

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