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The Interesting Way To Teach Alphabets To Kids Find Out

Learning With Alphabets puzzle

The first milestone in the literacy area is to recognize and learn the alphabet. There are various ways that I implement with my little one to making learning fun. Among them, The favorite one for me and my kids, which works well, is the alphabet puzzle. Alphabets Puzzle is one of the exciting ways to make the journey of learning fun for your child. Teaching the alphabet is one of the very tactical jobs for parents or teachers. At the age of 2 years, children are ready to recognize the alphabet. But the milestone is different for each child. Playing with puzzles is the perfect indoor activity to keep your kids engaged during a pandemic.

Learn To Recognize

Preschoolers learn to recognize/identify alphabets by:

  • Reading.
  • Kids love scanning the storybooks.
  • Learning videos.
  • Rhymes.
  • Boards.
  • Television.
  • Alphabet Puzzles.

Fun Ways To Introduce Alphabets

Hand-eye coordination


No matter their age, parents should always read with their little ones. I used to read to my child when she was hardly six months old. They love to explore things. Let them turn the pages on their own. Children are great observers. When they see a book, they love recognizing and identifying the words and letters written in the book. Parents should start with elementary ones.

Gradual Going With Alphabets

With kids, parents and teachers have to be slow and gentle. Kids love to learn with a gentle approach. We should teach kids one alphabet at a time. First, introduce the alphabet, then go for its phonic sound. Try to make learning fun bu engaging videos and rhymes related to the alphabet.

Love And Bond Is The Key

Little ones understand the language of love. You can mold the kids upside down with the magic of love. The same applies to teach alphabets. Making proper communication with kids leads to develop the bond. Once we as a tutor have accurate tuning with our kids, we can gradually go for alphabets and their phonic sounds.

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