5 Fun Ways To Teach Numbers With Number Foam Mat

Number Foam Mat

Numeracy is one of the essential criteria in the early years. Preschoolers and kindergartners love to wonder about Numbers. Playing with numbers is quite fascinating to them. Let the kids engage and explore when we introduce numbers to them. Let them be free with numbers. Number clarity is one of the indispensable milestones for kindergartners and preschoolers. Parents and teachers should go easy with numbers. Teaching numbers is always fun and easy. We can introduce numbers with the help of different engaging activities, tasks, and objects. One of the commonly used objects to teach and have a clear understanding of numbers is Number Foam Mat.

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What Is Number Foam Mat?

The mat which is formed of foam or sponge is foam mat. Foam is one of the safest things used to make kids’ toys and learning essentials as it is very soft and non-toxic. It is a fun toy to play on in the early years. The playmat is the best companion for kids. This mat is full of bright and vibrant multicolors. It attracts the little ones to play with. And, in this process of playing they simply proceed to identify and recognize numbers on them.

Ways To Play With

Different ways to play and learn with Number foam mat are as follows:

Number Fixing


The best way to learn the sequence is number fixing. kids can have all the pieces of number foams scattered all around. They can slowly observe the numbers embed ob the particular piece. Then can try to arrange and join the pieces in number sequence to foam a mat or maybe a ladder out of it. The teacher can introduce the concept of a Number bond as well.

Building Tower Out Of Number Foam Mat

Kids can do hands-on with the scattered pieces of foam mat. They can arrange the number squares in the vertical foam or a column foam to resemble a tower. They can pretend play to make different story buildings out of foam squares.

Number Train

Number Train

As the name suggests train is the sequence that moves in one particular move. Parents should show the train and tell how it works to clear the understanding. Let the children arrange the sequence on their own. Parents can always help if needed. Kids can arrange the number of pieces from like 1 to 10 in the vertical train concept. Consider each number square of the mat as one of the compartments. Kids can sit on each square and can pretend play as we are riding on a train. Someone can make a sound in the background.

Cube Out of Number Foam Mat

Cube formation with number foam mat

Toddlers and preschoolers can make the cube a 3-dimensional shape with the help of their parents or teachers. It is one of the ways for teachers to introduce the concept of 3D shapes to kids. Kids can assemble all the 2d square shapes to form a cube. They will need 6 square pieces to foam a 3D cube.

Hopscotch Game With Number Foam Mat

Hopscotch game
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It is a very engaging game played among kids of all ages. Parents can help make a hopscotch play area with the help of foam mat squares. Stone to a small-cap is thrown if it falls online or outside the square, you lost your turn. Give the chance to the next player. the kid should jump on the first square then every alternative square. At the pairs of squares i.e. 4-5 and 7-8, kids have to hop with both feet.

Till number 10 kids have to go and jump on number 10 with both feet together and then you have to get back to start. And, When you reached the point where you marked, pick it up while you are still on one foot and you can do complete action. If you do this complete action without any flaw you can pass it to the next player. If in case you fall, touch the line or miss a square you will lose your turn. The player who reaches Number 10 first is the winner of the hopscotch game.

Other Fun Ways

Count with foam numbers

Some other fun ways to utilize number foam mats is to learn number and color sorting. Pom can be used to proceed to count with kids. Children can play match games with the pieces. They can simply join the piece as per their required color or number according to the selection of the game. These mats can help to develop gross motor skills in kids. By playing such types of games kids learn to reason and find the logic behind it. This kind of object helps in building critical thinking and visual sensory growth. It is one of the best objects to develop the coordination of hand-eye. This is all about Number foam mats. Keep learning and have fun with numbers

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