Find Out All About Play And Its Importance In Children’s Lives

Importance of play in children's lives

For a child to stay healthy, physically as well as mentally, Playing is very important. Play is simply the act which children love to do and simultaneously learn.  It is one of the significant parts of Foundation stage development. Babies and toddlers explore and discover new things daily with the magic of play.  Various forms of play enrich a child’s body, brain, and life in meaningful ways. It is beneficial in enhancing the overall development of a child. Play is the activities done for recreational pleasure and enjoyment.

Why Is Play Crucial Part In Children’s Life?

  • It helps the physical growth of children.
  • Social development of children happens when they play with friends and learn to share.
  • Growth of cognitive development.
  • They stay emotionally fit and active.
  • It is the best way to keep your kids engaged.
  • Children develop their creativity when they do art and craft play.
  • Their sense develops beautifully when they do sensory play.
  • With the help of play, the Imagination of the child takes shape.
  • With physical games like football or merely running or jumping, they develop sportsman spirit and become adventurous.
  • They become problem solvers when they play in a group or work as a team in a particular game.

What Do You Learn From Play Type

Types Of Play:

Indoor Play

It involves playing with objects and toys and letting your baby experiment with the items available with him/ her. It is used to develop a sense of abstract thinking in your child.

Outdoor Play

This involves outdoor physical activities and games that every child loves to play. This is the most fun way of learning for a child. Outdoor games build strength in your child, both physical and mental strength. It raises your child’s spirits, builds confidence, and encourages the quality of risk-taking in them.

Pretend to Play

In this type of play, children explore their imagination by experimenting with whatever objects or toys are available. This enhances their thought process and helps them become more creative.

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