These Are The Favorite Things Mum To Be Love About Being Pregnant

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Being Pregnant is one of the greatest blessings of God for women. Mum feels complete when she gets pregnant. The pregnancy phase is one of the life-changing events that happen. Mum to be experience physical, emotional, social as well as financial changes. Reading good books, articles, and attending seminars, webinars, and direct one-on-one consultation with your doctor helps both dads and mum prepare themselves for a roller coaster ride. This helps in easing the stress caused due to the change in their life as well as lifestyle.

Some of the Favorite things and gestures I love and will cherish all my life about being pregnant are as follows:


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At around 4-6 weeks of pregnancy. The gynecologist calls the mums and dads to hear the little heart beating inside the mother’s womb. It is one of the best feelings on earth when women feel mesmerized. There is a life growing inside you. The golden moment that you will cherish forever. New parents love to listen to their baby’s heartbeat now and then as they can feel their baby is fine.


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The doctor calls on every schedule scans for having a clear picture of the baby inside the womb. The doctor’s women’s visits love to go as she gets to meet her baby inside and to hear her baby. These scans are breathtaking for the couple. It adds experience every time they visit the clinic for a scan. The first scan done is to check the fetus’s growth and development, followed by the estimation of the due date based on the scan and last menstrual cycle date. The scan done in the third trimester is to check the growth, baby weight, and placenta position.


Heartbeat feel
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The fetal movement is one of the milestones in the phase of pregnancy. Ones the women started feeling the fetal movement. She tries to keep the track now and then. She follows the movement and records her movement daily. So, she can get to know about well being of her baby inside her. I adore that feeling and give me goosebumps when my baby moves inside or take a turn inside my tummy.

Baby Kicks For Mum To Be

Baby movement for mum to be
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It is the only kick that humans enjoy to feel in their lifetime. Women literally wait to feel them ones they get pregnant. The first kick is one of the feelings which she will adore her for her whole life. She always wants her spouse to be around. So she can make the dad be to feel that wonderful little kick from her tummy. The baby always reacts and responds with the help of kicking inside the mother’s womb. This is the way of communication between mother and their babies inside.

Social Support

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Mums and dads feel special and loved by the people of their surroundings. Especially mums to feel always loves by their family, friends, and neighbors. These are the people who always love and support them in the best possible way. Family and friends can be a lifesaver sometimes to fulfill late-night cravings of mum to be during pregnancy. They always support and encourage mood swings and other hormonal changes a mum to face during pregnancy.

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