Check Out Baby Growth In First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Baby growth first trimester

Here, We will have a clear picture of the baby growth in first trimester and development inside the womb in the first 12 weeks, i.e., the first trimester of pregnancy.

Baby development in mothers womb
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In First 4 weeks Weeks

  • Major organs are developed by now.
  • The neural tube, Heart, Digestive system, and circulatory system start to form.
  • Eyes and ears start to develop in the first 4 weeks.
  • Limb buds begin to appear.
  • Little cute heart starts beating.
  • Embryo resembles a tadpole.

Baby Growth By 8 Weeks

  • The embryo begins to take the shape of a human.
  • But, The head is comparatively larger than body proportion.
  • Tooth buds start developing from where baby teeth emerge.
  • Eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are more prominent and noticeable now.
  • The arms and legs are visible, which came out of limb buds.
  • Bones start to develop by now.
  • Jaws and nose are growing quickly in this phase.

By The End Of 12 Weeks

  • Finger and toenails are visible.
  • Eyelids start forming.
  • Arms and legs are completely developed by now.
  • External genital organs are developed.
  • The voice box in the trachea starts to form.

baby growth in first trimester Baby growth in first 12 weeks

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The first 10 weeks is the embryonic stage. In this stage, most organs and features start to develop in the baby:

  • Face- The facial features of your baby begin to develop.
  • Heart- The baby’s heart is in the form of an S-shaped tube that forms on the embryo’s front.
  • Arms and Legs- They begin to grow like little buds, and as they grow, they start to look like paddles and flippers.
  • Nervous System- This is the first thing that develops in your child. It leads to the formation of the spinal cord, nerves, and brain of the baby.
  • Muscles- Muscles start to develop and also begin to move during this period.
  • Genital Organs- At the end of this period, a baby’s genital organ is visible as cells begin to form these organs.

The 11th week marks the start of the fetal stage. By this time, your baby might be as long as 1 inch. In the fetal stage, the baby starts to grow faster and gains weight more quickly. The organs continue to develop more.

Important Turning Points In Baby Growth

Heart beat Baby growth
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  • In the first 8 weeks fetus is now known as an embryo.
  • It forms a fully formed embryo by the end of 12 weeks.
  • The height of the fetus is around 3 to 4 inches.
  • And, The weight of the fetus is around 1/2 to 1 ounce.

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