Top 4 Ways To Teach Fall Lesson Plans For Preschool

Autumn season

Let us start this lesson with the top 4 ways To Teach fall lesson plans for preschool. The Autumn season is the time of the year when deciduous plants and trees start shedding their leaves. It is the season when it starts to drop the temperature, days start to shorten, and nights are longer. Plants stop making their food. The color of the leaves starts changing from:

Leaves change color

  • Green to
  • Red to
  • Orange to
  • Yellow to
  • Brown before falling from the tree.

Here, We will learn about this beautiful autumn season with the help of the following approaches:

Autumn Tree- Fall Lesson Plans For Preschool

Autumn season tree

Here, We will make a simple tree in the autumn. How the color of the leaves changes? Children will love this quick and easy 5 minute craft.

It will help develop fine motor skills, and kids will learn about the autumn season with the changes that occurred. With this tree art and using slime and fall-colored pompoms, Children can have sensory play and learning.

Materials Required For Fall Arts And Crafts For Toddlers

Autumn tree drawing

  • Paper
  • Water Colors
  • Tissue
  • Pencil

Steps Involved To Make Tree – Fall Arts And Crafts For Toddlers

It is one of the elementary art which involved drawing and coloring.

First, you can refer to the ideas shared above for a clear understanding and ideas to begin with plants and flowers. Here In the video below, you will get a step tp step guide to do a quick and easy art of the Autumn tree, which will depict this season.

Season Song

With the basic season song and rhymes, children learn the best. They get to know about different seasons in a year, such as:

You can select the season song to learn about various seasons in a year. And they Will learn about Four seasons in a year with the help of:

  • Listening to this song.
  • Singing along with the song.
  • Have fun with the actions.

Autumn Season Guessing Game

season guessing

In this Game :

  • We will have several players.
  • Kids have to guess based on objects or things.
  • For example, One can bring the ice cream and ask In which season do we eat ice cream?
  • In which season do Leaves begin to fall?
  • Which season do we use thick blankets and sweaters?
  • In which season cold breeze starts?
  • Children have to guess the name of the season based on props or mare questions.
  • The one with maximum answers wins the game.
  • Here, With fun games, kids are learning about different seasons automatically.

With Real Autumn Season Experience – Fall Lesson Plans For Preschool


Exposing to the real season is the best way to learn. They discover and explore things in real. They can play the game of collecting the fallen leaves from the ground. You can take the kids outdoor, And they can have free play near the tree to have the following fun and game:

  • Tell them to have a leaf hunt.
  • Let them find the leaves on the floor.
  • They will have an outdoor play, as well as physical exposure and development, happens.
  • They will collect the leaves.
  • Learn about a variety of colors found on leaves in the autumn season.
  • In this way, Gross motor skills are developed in children.

Fall Lesson Plans For Preschool – Happy Autumn!

Autumn season

I love this season, and I loved to share my ideas on the autumn season. Kids learn to explore new things innovatively. I used the above-discussed idea with my children to make learning fun. Please feel free to share your ideas on the Autumn season lesson plan with us in the comment box below. Till then, Happy Autumn!

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