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Ways to Make Snowman Out of Waste Toilet Paper Roll

Snowman out of waster paper toilet roll

Cute Snowman

DIY Snowman

Children are very excited when they hear snowmen. As soon as the words come, They fascinate about upcoming winters and snow. Snow is something that kids love to play whenever they get a chance. So I have ample waste toilet tissue rolls at my home. My kids wanted to do some art and craft. They came up with the idea of making a snowman. Then suddenly, some waste out of waste cracked out of my mind. I said, How about if we make a cute little snowman out of waste toilet paper roll?? They instantly said yes.

Materials Required

Material required

As there is a lockdown everywhere. We thought of doing art and craft with readily available materials at home. In this DIY craft activity, we used:

  • Crayons
  • Pencil colors
  • Water toilet paper roll
  • Cotton or white wool
  • If cotton is not available, you can use white plain paper to tissue.
  • Fevicol or gum
  • Child-friendly scissors
  • Coloured paper to make a hat.

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Steps Involved To Make Cute Snowman

  • Take a waste toilet paper roll.
  • Start covering it with cotton, wool, or paper with the glue.
  • Make eyes and nose as per your creativity. You can use real buttons. I colored the paper buttons here(You can use Doubling numbers to make two snowmen).
  • I made a scared out of paper with simple crayons. You can even make a cozy soft cloth scarf if available.
  • The hat can be made of any colored paper.
  • Here the cute snowman is ready.
  • For detailed steps, please do have a look at the video above.

Happy Winters!

Snowman out of waster paper toilet roll

Here, my kids and I enjoy doing a quick and easy craft with the best out of waste to make a cute snowman. Hoping you all liked our efforts. Give a thumbs up if you did. Please feel free to share your best out of waste art ideas with us in the comment box below.

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