Top 4 Ways To Teach the Double Facts Math

Doubling numbers with real life objects

What is Double

Double Facts Math: Double Numbers or Doubling means to have the same amount again. I used many hands-on activities to introduce the concept of double numbers to my kids. I love it when my kids explore and learn with the help of materials associated. Start in a very gentle way. Start with small numbers. Show them the live examples. I always try to show live examples when I introduce a new concept. The doubling concept is straightforward to introduce. , Doubles are all around our house. Let the children explore :

  • Staps of bags, i.e., 2 and 2
  • Our ears 2+2
  • We have 2 hands 2+2
  • ice fillers 4+4

Materials Required

I used lots of hands-on material to introduce the concept of doubling for my kids:

  • I used the live available things at my home, such as vegetables, fruits, and toys, to show doubles.
  • Building blocks are very colorful and engaging objects to introduce.
  • I used colorful wooden sticks.
  • Disposable cups to start the topic.
  • Crayons and pencil colors to make it attractive.

1. Double Facts Math With Real Objects

Doubling numbers with real life objects

I took the help of real fruits and veggies to introduce the concept of doubles in numbers. I try to show them 2 apples and then 2 apples more and count them using the number line concept. This way :

  • 2+2=4
  • 3+3=6
  • 4+4=8
  • 5+5=10

and so on. But for preschoolers and kindergartners, learning with the help of play and different activities, words are magical.

2. Double Facts Math With Building Blocks

Doubling numbers with blocks

Here I used construction or building blocks with my kid. She loves to play with it, and it encourages hand-eye coordination skills. She took the blocks and sorted them based on colors. I took them and tried to separate them based on double. I took 3 orange ones; she made a tower. The same we did with the yellow blocks. She counted and with the help of the doubling concept. She was able to add and make a tower of 6 blocks, i.e., 3+3=6.


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3. Double Facts Math With Wooden Sticks

With wooden sticks and numbers

In this activity, We used colorful wooden sticks and disposable cups to perform this activity. With the help of sticks, kids were able t understand the concept of doubling clearly. They love this activity as it was very engaging for them. You can check this activity in the given video for a clear understanding. I hope you will try this with your kids as well.

4. Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving for doubling numbers

One of my kids was thorough with the concept of doubling number. I tried to introduce them to some real problems. My kids took the help of wooden sticks to analyze and solve the problem. And, They just doubled with the concept of doubling easily. So, it is a must for us to make the journey of learning fun and engaging for our children.

Happy Numeracy Learning!

Activity based learning

You can also give an activity using a piece of paper. I gave a paper and wrote the number on it. As shown in the picture above. My kids draw the heart, lollipops, candies, and flowers as the number shown in the block. And in this way, I gradually introduced myself. They understood the number, counted them, drew, and finally can do simple addition. So, This is the way I introduce the concept of double numbers. You can use these different real-life objects, and hands-on activities to introduce the concept. Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment box below. Happy Learning!

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