Top 10 Easy And Engaging Activities For Kids

Engaging Activities For kids

I love to do activities with my kids. I always support them in the best possible way. My children love to try and do hands-on new, and innovative play-based activities whenever given a chance. I try to deal with some innovation whenever my kids are stressed-out or bored with monotonous chores and play. I want to share my list of activities that my children love to do. Some of the easy, relaxing, and fun activities which I do with my kids that are engaging are as follows:

Slime play hand-on activity

Finger Painting – Engaging Activities

Finger painting is the form of art in which we use colors and our fingers for a beautiful outcome. It is the art form loved by small children. If we encourage them to do finger painting, it makes their learning journey fun and interesting.Finger Paint A-Z In this technique, we basically use our fingers to apply colors on the paper as per our idea and imagination. Finger paint is a form of messy play.

Reading Is Magical

Suppose parents read a small book daily with their kids. It will develop a perfect habit of reading from childhood itself. They will enjoy reading. Some of the merits are:

  • Kids build their listening skills.
  • When we read with them, their imagination level takes to a new level.
  • Toddlers and preschoolers will learn to develop their interests. You can read about knowing the world, craft, numbers, and shapes.
  • They love to learn about stories with morals at the end. This leads to building good manners and aliquots naturally.
  • Reading to your babies will improve their knowledge and IQ levels.

Calm And Relaxing Corner

Make a cozy corner or a dedicated area in your home. The place where kids can release their:

There should be some cozy and comfortable corners. Some of the sensory toys and activities which can aid calm your children are:

My kids love to play with new squishy toys. They squeeze it hard and soft to feel and discover. It helps in releasing the angry emotion in my children.

Play Board Games

Hand-on with board games

Due to the ongoing situation of the covid19 outbreak, Board games are a very magical form of play that can be done indoors. Children can play with their siblings, friends, or parents. Some of the fun board games loved by my kids are snakes and ladder, ludo, chess, and Pictionary. The best part is:

  • They are engaging.
  • Children learn to follow the rules.
  • They learn to take turns.
  • Problem-solving skills develop in them. Suppose, In the game of chess, they think, enquire and make the best move.
  • Another good habit is they learn to be patient in the game, and this value is learned for a lifetime.
  • In the end, It doesn’t matter whether they win or lose. They learn to accept and face the situation. Sports-man spirit is developed in them gradually.

Pretend Play Is Engaging Activities

They can Pretend to Play driver, doctor, or any community helper of their choice. Playing a kitchen set or cooking game is always fun. Kids love to pretend to play like their moms and dads. They enact how their parents cook. Kids make the setup with their cooking and baking sets like a pro kitchen. The restaurant is one of the fun games kids of this age group love to play.

Sensory Play Foam Activities

My kids love to explore innovative sensory activities, which I ensure is safe for them. Here, I used basic dish soap to play with. My kids wonder whenever I do the dishes. And, They are fascinated by the foam and bubbles foaming out of the dishwashing liquid. For this Activity, I used:

  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Water
  • Some containers or utensils

My kids love to mix the liquid in the water. As it is mixed, The lather formed is bubbly and foam kind of. It looks quite attractive and catchy. When they sense the feel of this, They love and learn. What do my kids do? They transfer from one bowl to another. Use a spoon to stir and mix. Please feel to share your ideas on this.

Puzzles Activities With Kids

Puzzles are one of the best tasks which keep children engaged and entertained for a long. Some of the benefits of puzzles with children are:

  • With the help of puzzles, Kids learn to recognize shapes and colors.
  • Fine motor skills are developed when kids build puzzles. Their eyes and hands are coordinated. And, With the grip, their hand and finger muscles are strengthened.
  • As they look at puzzle pieces, they try to discover the problem and gradually involve themselves in this activity to solve the puzzle’s mystery.
  • When kids do puzzles, they tend to focus and learn to concentrate.

Hand-Made Phonics Board Game Engaging Activities

This is the game introduced by me to my children. When kids are familiar with the words. You can try this game with them. This is the phonics game to learn digraphs with the help of fun hopping game activities. The steps are as follows:

  • There is a starting point
  • 2-4 players can play.
  • When one kid says the correct word with the short /00/ words, the kid will hop forward.
  • And if he says wrong, he has to hop backward.
  • Suppose he passes a chance, he will remain in the same position.
  • The kid who reached first to the endpoint wins.

In this way, we can correlate the literacy activity with some fun games. I made a handmade board To Learn oo Words With Short /oo/ Sounds in these activities. My kids literally loved it. Please let me know the reviews on this game.

Busy Bags Activities Idea

The latest busy bag idea I did with my kid is the counting fun, busy pouch. It turned out to be magical, with the aid of counting and numbers. I assembled minimum materials to give a shape. I used ice cream sticks and numbered them. And I used small cute shapes as the props; kids learned to count and have fun with simple addition exercises in these fun activities of busy bags.

Story Making Activities

Here, We went into a thinking mode. And my kids turned our home into a production house. All played an active role in making a successful short film. In this story, My cute baby was the story writer as the full script of the story “Mama Bear And Baby Bear” was found by my kid. I was the director of the story, and my better half produced, and he well managed the recording part. Hats off to our team. My children’s voice-over was done. Sit back and enjoy a cute story film of a mama bear and baby bear. You can try making this with your children as it develops their imagination of kids.

Quick Craft Activities

Quick and easy craft activities are interesting and engaging for kids of all ages. We can always do some quick activities to keep kids engage and busy. Here, We made a cute little snowman with minimum material for winters. You can check out the detailed steps in the video above.

Fun-Filled Engaging Activities

clay play

So, This is the list of fun-filled and easy activities I love to do with my children to engage them. I will keep on adding the innovative activities to this list of relaxing ones so you can try them with your little ones for sure. Please feel free to share your activities and ideas. How do you keep your children engaged? I would love to hear from you all in the comment box below.

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