Find Out How To Tackle Common Behaviour Problems In Kids

Behaviour problem and solutions

Behaviour In Children

Yelling Child
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Behaviour is the way by which a child responds to the raised situation or problem. As children are full of energy and hyperactivity, they react to the problem instantly. It is the action done in response to a particular situation.

My Child At Toy Shop

My kid at toy shop
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Kids behave immediately in a situation. For example, If I said no to my child in the supermarket for a toy he desperately wants for a long. The consequence of this situation I observed is my child started showing tantrums, got angry with me, and started shouting. This is the instant behavior I came across. So, as a parent, I should analyze the situation and listen to my child, calmly for his behavior. I hope you all can relate to my problem.

Innocent Children

The children act out what is going on in their minds and heart. Children are very innocent and transparent souls. They do not keep anything secret. It comes out of their little mouth as they started feeling it. The best way to understand what is concerning your child?By simple understanding and listening to your child.

Common Behaviour Problems In Children

Some of the most common behavior problems faced by most parents are as follow:

Lack of Concentration

Lack of focus
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One of the most common behavioral problems in children is a lack of concentration and attention. It is when your child keeps taking up different tasks but completing none. This is also a cause of children seeming disinterested in certain things.

For Example

This kind of behavior arises when your child can’t concentrate or losses focus. For example, If he is given a task to complete a drawing and coloring in art class. He will get bored before even giving a simple attempt. He says ‘No’ straight away.

This problem can be solved only by guiding and helping your child out with the work. If you show support and more interest in their work, they’ll try to match your expectations. This will make them complete the given assignment. Encouraging meditation as an exercise is also an excellent way to solve the concentration problem in children.


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Every child deals with a bit of frustration in daily life. As a result, this leads to aggressive thoughts and feelings. You may notice an increase in:

  • Fights
  • Feel destructive.
  • The child gets disturbed easily.
  • They break the rules and don’t obey.

From tantrums to inappropriate interactions with others, you need to deal with their aggression correctly.

Some common ways to analyze aggressive behavior

  • The child gets frustrated with little things.
  • If a task is given, he instantly panics and shows anger as a result.
  • Parents can observe frequent mood swings. At one time, he is fine; the next moment, he just started shouting.
  • He feels traumatic and throws tantrums even when you are supporting him with the given task.

Dealing with a child’s aggression can be difficult. The best way is to let them cool down. Do not respond impulsively. After your child is ready to talk, address what he or she did. You can also yell back at them if you feel it’s necessary, and they become violent.

Anti-social Behaviour Issues

Antisocial behaviour
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A child becoming anti-social is very inappropriate. In childhood days, all children interact well with each other. However, anti-social behavior is a cause of worry. Moreover, it is noticeable as your child might show recurring violations of social rules. As a result, in no time, this behavior causes the child to disregard others.

Major Criteria observed:

  • Children don’t want to meet their friends.
  • He is not interested in playing with their neighbors.
  • Having fun with siblings sounds like a bad idea to him.
  • He is afraid to interact with his teachers and other school staff.

The best way to deal with your child’s anti-social phase is to encourage interactions. You can help by analyzing the main reason for this behavior issue and then coming to a solution. Help your child realize that at such an early age, becoming anti-social isn’t an option. Please encourage them to make new friends and engage in conversations with others. Positive reinforcements can work wonders to adapt to the change in this behavior.

Lack Of Responsibility

Denial Behaviour issues
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Children who have this behavioral problem tend to blame everything on others. They don’t take responsibility for their actions. Moreover, they don’t own up to their mistakes. Hence, they tend to argue and answer back, which is disrespectful.

Stay calm and composed! Just make your child believe that making mistakes is a part of life. Help them find something to learn from their mistake.

Denial Behaviour Issue

Angry child
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Children act out for different reasons. Defiance is one of the most noticeable behavioral changes. Children start denying orders of the authority figures such as their elders, parents, or teachers. 

Dealing with defiance isn’t a cakewalk. Maybe you’re at fault. Make sure you’re not forcing anything on your child. Also, don’t get anxious about your child’s behavior. Try not to be pushy because that can encourage them to resist you even more.

Sleeping Disturbances

Sleeping behaviour issues
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It is also a behavioral problem that children tend to exhibit. Hence, a wrong sleep schedule or short sleeping hours are the signs of sleep disturbances. Sleep deprivation leads to affect physical and emotional well-being. When they are sleep deprived, it eventually irritates and leads to behavior issues.

Laying out a healthy sleep schedule that you think is good for your child. However, it is the best way to cater to this problem. Help your child inculcate good sleeping habits. Set a bedtime for them. Also, ensure that your child is following the schedule well.

Feeding Problems

Picky eaters
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In stressful situations, children tend to react with impaired physiological functions such as feeding. They start losing their appetite. Unhealthy eating habits also lead to feeding problems in children. Sometimes children do stress eating, which causes weight gain, and in the future, they face negative body image. Some kids are very demanding and peculiar about food. They are very stubborn and do lousy behavior with their parents to make available that particular food craving immediately.

It’s essential to encourage healthy eating habits for your child. Please provide them with proper meals at the appropriate time. Make sure that the child eats the given meal properly.

Use Of Offensive Language As Bad Behaviour

don't want to listen
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Screaming and yelling is normal in children. They do it out of frustration. However, if they start swearing with it, it’s a cause of worry. Using abusive language is a behavioral problem in children. To get their way or to end an argument, they tend to abuse and yell. 

It’s always better to avoid abusive words, yelling, and screaming in front of your child—layout rules. Tell your child about what will be tolerated and to what extent. They must know the consequences of showing such unacceptable behavior. This is the only way to stop your child from swearing and using inappropriate words.

Hiding The Truth And Influencing

Telling lies behaviour issues
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These two characteristics start to develop in children as behavioral problems. Children have pure hearts. Whatever they feel comes to their lips.  But they eventually hide the truth and manipulate people around them to get their way. You may feel betrayed and hurt if you catch them lying.

Try to understand the reason behind their lies and manipulations. Kids tell lies when they are scared. And, Think telling the truth will have a negative impact. Be a role model for them and help them see the positive side of honesty.

Bullies And Bullying Leads To Behaviour Troubles

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Bullying is a very unwanted act in the journey of being a student. It is the aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The action might be repeated over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others go through some serious problems, the one forced being mentally or physically devastated, and the one bullying is facing severe consequences—this behavior trouble os faced by teens most of the time.

A Parent’s Guide To Tackle Bullying And Bullies For Children

Screen Time Behaviour Troubles

screen time behaviour issues
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Nowadays, due to the ongoing pandemic situations. Its the demand of time to make children sit in front of laptops and PC to attend their online classes. Except these kids nowadays are too much addicted to watch cartoons or play games on their tablets. It seriously causes strain. We should refrain from this activity. Whenever we tell them to stop watching or playing using tv, they instantly react and shout sometimes. This behavior is the consequence of unlimited screen time that causes aggression in them.

Parents should set family rules. There should be a proper schedule for every family member. Everybody should stick to their screen time limits. If found breaking the rules, there should be an appropriate rule of consequence to be followed.

Magical Tricks For Parents

Some of the magical tips and tricks for parents to tackle and resolve all kind of behaviour troubles are as follows:

  • Love your child and tell him how important he is to you. Like, He is your life! Love you to the moon and back!
  • Use positive words with your kids.
  • Stay calm and composed in all situations.
  • Don’t overreact to the situation as it creates panic among children when their parents are angry.
  • Patience is the key to any behavior problem.
  • Always listen to your child carefully.
  • Give time to your kid to think and analyze the behavior problem that happened with him.
  • Be slow and gradual with your child as they are small and need time to understand and correct themselves.
  • Always be honest and kind to your kids.

Positive Behaviour Notes

Positive parenting tips
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So, this is all about behavior issues and their ways to tackle in children. Every parent has to face and overcome these behavior problems peacefully in their lifetime. Please feel free to share what the behavior problem faced by you as a parent is? How you try to work on it? I would like to hear from you all in the comment box below.

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