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These Are The Common Behavioral Disorder In Children

Behavior disorder

Time To Know About Behavioral Disorder

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The children act out what is going on in their minds and heart. Children are very innocent and transparent souls. They do not keep anything secret. It comes out of their little mouth as they started feeling it. The best way to understand what is concerning your child?By simple understanding and listening to your child. When the behavior problems cross the limits, parents can sense that the behavior is getting out of control. It is time to identify the cause and type of behavior disorder. Parents should take the help and support of health care practitioners to deal with a particular type of behavior disorder.

Common Behavior Disorders in Children observed in children, and their signs and symptoms are discussed below:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

It is a psychological disorder that children suffer from. About 2 or 3 percent of children have ADHD. It tends to affect children at an early age. This disorder is chronic and continues to adulthood. It causes a child to have a lack of concentration, short temper, and show overactivity and impulsive behavior. Early detection and treatment can make a tremendous change in children with ADHD. Life as a parent of a child with ADHD can be exhausting and frustrating sometimes. Please be calm and don’t lose your patience.

Signs and Symptoms Include:

  • Children exhibit a lack of focus and concentration.
  • Kids forget things very quickly. If the task is given to them, they may fail to complete it even when reminded.
  • They cannot take care of their things and toys.
  • Children find themselves tangled between different tasks. Sometimes, they cannot organize daily activities.
  • Sometimes kids feel lost and daydream.
  • Mistakes occur many times though they intend to do it.
  • They get easily distracted and can’t do a task that requires a lot of focus and mental effort.
  • Children get bored quickly. Without even completing one task, they try to move on to others.

Conduct Disorder (CD)

It is a disorder wherein children show offensive behavior. They tend to hurt, get physical, and hit others. They tend to refuse rules, take responsibility for their actions, and show defiance. Around five percent of 10-year-olds are suffering from CD. They tend to use drugs or run away from home or have suicidal thoughts. These children aren’t empathetic at all, along with aggression.

Signs and Symptoms Include:

  • They are very aggressive by nature.
  • Anger is always on their mind.
  • Due to anger, They destruct things. For example, If they want something and cannot get it, they will break or throw the item in their hand.
  • They get physical with other kids. Children with CD tend to hit, push, or can even bite others.
  • They want to leave and run from home.
  • Misbehave with their elders and friends.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

In this, children throw lots of tantrums and a feeling of annoyance or irritation. It is seen more in children with low self-esteem. Around one in ten children under the age of 12 years has ODD.  Children suffering from ODD deliberately try to annoy others. However, they too get annoyed and angry quickly. Hence, this angry behavior leads them to have more arguments and refusal to obey rules.

Signs and Symptoms Include:

  • Whenever adults give them a task, they refuse to do that task without even giving an attempt.
  • Rules set in the class or maybe home. They tend to break the rules often.
  • They lose their temper easily and start throwing tantrums.
  • Children with ODD always argue about everything from their parents or elders.
  • Suppose anyone hurts them knowingly or unknowingly. They have the quality to take revenge for doing.
  • They get angry easily.
  • Children with ODD get annoyed often.
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