14 Indoor Activities For Toddlers To Keep Them Busy


Toddlers are the ones bombarded with loads of energy in them. If you’ve got a toddler, they keep their Parents always on their toes! The biggest challenge is to keep these little ones busy. How to engage them? It’s a daily routine. They need different tasks and activities daily to keep them occupied. Otherwise, They get bored quickly! I have tried to sum up some easy-to-do indoor activities for toddlers at home during an ongoing pandemic.  There are so many great ideas here which are Affordable, easy ones at that. Check out this list and start using these ideas from today onwards.

Some of the great indoor activities for toddlers which I love to do with my toddler during this pandemic are as follows:

Bubble Wraps With Toddlers

Bubble wraps are readily available at home. It is one of the best out of waste play objects. Whenever bubble wraps come with the packaging. Parents can keep it safe and secure. Toddlers love to burst the bumps on the wraps. They love to explore with their hands. If it is a big sheet, toddlers love to jump and jump all over to burst the bubbles. It is a fun activity to enjoy with your siblings. Some toddlers love to color the bubbles with some poster/watercolors and make the sheet colorful, and then make fantastic art out of it.

Playdough And Slime With Toddlers

Playdough is a perfect example of the development and learning for toddlers. The sensory nature and the vibrant color and texture of play dough let toddlers be excited to sense and feel.  It is the best alternative for developing fine motor skills and powering the grip of fingers and hands.

Playdough is a great one. I prefer to place it on a tray or chopping board to contain the mess. I love playdough because toddlers are creative, and it also builds strength in their hands for fine motor skills. We use homemade playdough, and that we especially love our jell playdough.

Toddlers can pretend to play kitchen and cooking set with the play dough. Slime is nowadays a trending play that is loved by kids. Parents can make simple slime with naturally available ingredients available at home. Homemade slime is safe to play with.

Cooking Setup With Toddlers

Playing a kitchen set or cooking game is always fun. Kids love to pretend to play like their moms and dads. They enact how their parents cook. Even you can assign Age-Appropriate household chores.

Cooking games for kid - tinydale

Kids make the setup with their cooking and baking sets like a pro kitchen. The restaurant is one of the fun games kids of this age group love to play.

Pipe Cleaners And Colander

pipe cleaner and colander game - tinydale

This indoor activity for toddlers is a simple and relaxed way for toddlers to develop hand-eye coordination while learning through play. Have your toddler stick pipe cleaners within the holes of a colander. In this way, they grow and understand emotions, and then they act accordingly to learn and grow. Fine motor skills are developed best with this activity.

Paper Art And Craft With Toddlers

paper art and craft ideas - Toddlers - tinydale
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Contact paper, sticky paper, self-adhesive paper are all synonyms for the same, which are interchangeable. It is cheap and readily available. Place a bit of clear contact paper on the table. Tape the edges down. Then give your toddler different materials to stick on there. Other than this, we can give a piece of paper. Let them cut the paper with safety scissors and make a beautiful object/shape out of a piece of paper. You can even do easy and quick crafts with your toddlers such as:

Alphabet Games With Toddlers

alphabet games - toddlers - tinydale

We, as a family, play this game quite often. It’s our bedtime game. We randomly choose one alphabet. All have to start to say a word starting with this alphabet. Each one of us follows the rules. We follow the turn policy. If anybody couldn’t recall, it can pass the turn. In this way, The one with the maximum number of words formed is the winner. This game doesn’t require any resources or preparation.

Puzzles With Toddlers

Learning With Alphabets puzzle - toddlers - tinydale

Puzzles fantasize about the child. Once they observe the pieces, they start to recognize the parts and discover. Let the kids have a look at the complete puzzle before they begin to form. Kids can have a close look. This helps in focusing and memory development for toddlers. They gradually feel the pieces, try to join, and with the help of parents, they can form a beautiful puzzle out of mere pieces. Also, check this The Interesting Way To Teach Alphabets To Kids Find Out

Pom Poms Through A Tube

pom poms through tubes - Toddlers -tinydale
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Toddlers, with the help of parents, make a paper towel tube and tape it to the wall. Then have your toddler drop pom poms through it into a bowl. Toddlers learn this indoor game easily. This game can be played with minimum resources. It involves hand-eye coordination. This activity is exciting and can be plated without any sound.

Playing With Building Blocks

Tower building blocs - toddlers games - tinydale

Building blocks or construction blocks are an excellent indoor activity. This play keeps your kids engages for a very long time. Toddlers are mesmerized by the variant shape and colors of the blocks. Block play requires both gross as well as fine motor skills. You can even give Number Foam Mats. Check out amazing activities that can be done using a number foam mat in the video below:

Car Game With Toddlers

car game with Toddlers - tinydale
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Making Car tracks with the help of cardboard is very engaging. With parents’ help, children can create an authentic and attractive race track with cardboard, watercolors, stickers, and masking tape. You can make it vibrant by using bright colors. Th car track games are one of the safest game and best indoor activities for toddlers. Children can take their play cars on the race track developed by you if there are more than two kids. They have an option to play a car race with a sportsman spirit.

Bubble Playing With Toddlers

Bubble playing with Toddlers - tindyale
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Toddlers love to blow and pop bubbles. You can let them play bubbles in your backyard or balcony accompanied by adults. Small bubble bottles are the best gift to excite your child. The toddler remains engaged for a long duration of time. The bubble play can be done indoors with full care as the bubble liquid is soft and slippery. Kids should play under adult supervision. Bubble play adds an instant smile to your toddler’s face.

Fridge Magnets For Toddlers

fridge magnets for toddlers - tinydale
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Indoor activities for toddlers like playing this game is simple. Let your kids stick magnets on the refrigerator. You can have magnetic letters and numbers. In this way, Kids observe the letter and numbers on the fridge while passing by. kids can memorize best. They can recall now and then. Kids love to recite and revise n number of times if it is adequately portrayed excitingly.

Number Foam Mats With Toddlers

Number Foam Mat - toddlers - tinydale

Number Foam mats are a safe and comfortable play space for toddlers. With the help of a mat, kids earn about numbers embed on the mat simultaneously. Kids can do different activities with the use of foam mats.

Pretend Play With Soft Toys

play with soft toys - toddlers - tinydale

Children love to play with soft toys. It’s their comfortable play space. Some children don’t like to share their soft toys as their favorite possession, among all other toys. Some kids love to cosleep with this lovely little squishy soft toy. My little one always sleeps with a small soft monkey gifted by her grandparent.

Children are naturally born creative. By doing this kind of indoor activity, they will learn while having fun. An educational toy can help your toddler learn quickly and make the learning path smooth for them. Playing is learning & learning is playing. This is all kind of indoor activities for toddlers I love to do with my toddler at home. I would love to hear your ideas on How you keep your toddlers engaged?

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