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List of Age-Appropriate Household Chores for Children

Age-appropriate chores for children

Daily chores are the household work done by the family members to maintain a living and keep their home clean and cheerful.  I am sure you are part of our amazing learning group Love Is Play-Based Learning! We should always involve children in daily household chores to let them learn from the very beginning. But we should make sure the task assigned to them are age-appropriate. I am sure you must be a part of our amazing Facebook page Tinydale to stay updated with our latest posts and videos!

Magical Tricks Related To Chores For Children

Some of the following tricks which words wonder with  my kids are :

  • Assigning work will feel important.
  • Kids feel they can help their elders when involved in daily activities.
  • Values are embed in them like hard work and kindness.
  • They learn to be patient in the early years. As each task assigned requires time to be done.
  • Children learn to organize things. For example, when I tell my kid to load the dishwasher. He will first watch, identify, and discover what has to be kept where? He will then decide to fit the plates, bowls, spoons as per their place assigned in the dishwasher.
  • Let kids be free to choose the work as per their choice to start.
  • Gradually, You can focus on developing other skills. But make sure they are little ones, And you can expect a lot of mistakes. Take them as a part of learning.
  • Children learn to focus on. If they feel anxious, don’t pressure. When I give my child to clean the room, he arranges it serially. In this way, he focuses on every bit of the room. To make sure the room is neat and tidy.
  • I believe the kids involved in tasks early tend to live a healthy and happy life.

List Of Age-Appropriate Household Chores

Now, I would like to discuss some of the Age-Appropriate Chores for children:

Chores For 2-4 Years

Toy arranging

  • Pick up toys
  • Pick up their books
  • They can put clothes in a laundry bag
  • Wipe slates, white and blackboards
  • Put clothes, napkins in the cupboard
  • Wipe if something spilled on the floor or table
  • They can dust
  • Can make a stack of books in one column
  • Help in feeding their pets by putting pet food in their container.
  • Make a bed like they can put a pillow and comforter in place.
  • Collect dirty clothes and put them in the basket.

For 4-6 Years

Folding socks

  • Load and unload the dishwasher with the help
  • If assigned, they can make the dining table. They can even arrange cutlery.
  • Clear the left out food and chores from the dining area
  • They can help in washing dishes but with an adult’s help.
  • Help in wiping  and cleaning the sink but with proper care
  • Form pairs of socks and can keep them.
  • They can fold napkins, towels, and some simple square-shaped clothes.
  • Can collect newspapers
  • They can adequately make their bed. Even they can fold their comforter and quilts.
  • They can take care of the home garden by watering the plants.
  • Wash like for example, wash and clean the plastics bowls and spoons.

  • Take care of their loving pets.
  • And, All the above tasks.

For 6-8 Years

Folding sheet as chores

  • They can sequence laundry.
  • Can sort dirty and clean clothes separately as shown in the video below.

  • Sweeping and dusting the floor and the furniture
  • They can arrange the dining table before mealtime.
  • Clear the dining table back.
  • Can maintain their plants in the garden
  • Make their bedroom
  • Tidy the bed and cover with a cover
  • Arrange their study table and books as per subjects
  • Stationary arrangements.
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