Check Out 12 Signs Of Anxiety In Children

Anxiety in children

Our brain protects us from emotional outbursts and circumstances. Sometimes genetics, the physical and mental health of our child, creates reaction issues that cause behavior troubles and anxiety. When we have fear or any feeling of danger, the response developed is known as anxiety. Anxiety causes the following issues in children:

Signs Of Anxiety In Children

Possible signs and symptoms to look out for anxiety in your child are:

1. Concentration Issues

Lack of focus

The anxious child is sometimes not able to focus. The kid finds it difficult to concentrate on a given task. For example, if homework is assigned to a child; He will find it difficult to focus on the work given for a long time and find difficulty in problem-solving skills.

2. Anger Emotion Enhances – Signs Of Anxiety In Children

Anger as sign of anxiety

It is one of the strongest emotions exhibited by children many times. Anger is a simple way for kids to express their feeling when they are not feeling ok. Anger can be identified as:

  • When they are feeling irritated.
  • They are showing physical outbursts such as kicking, hitting others.
  • They find themselves left out.
  • Something is not happening around them with their consent.

3. Sleep Pattern Issues When Anxiety Happens

Sleeping issues

When the child is distracted and is disturbed due to troubles and issues in daily life, the kid cannot manage the stress that causes him to stay awake or cannot have a proper healthy sleep schedule due to anxiety. Anxiety occurred as a result of stress and the overburden of tasks on children.

4. Uncurbed Enquiring About Anything

Excessive questions as anxiety sign

The questioning nature is pervasive in children. Children tend to ask many questions in a daily routine out of curiosity. Whenever something new happened around them, with which they are not familiar, they tend to react with questions. Such as Mumma! what is this? How does it work? What is the use of this object? And so on. Often, they tend to ask n number of questions in a concise span of time, signifying anxiety.

5. Negativity Happens In Anxiety – Signs Of Anxiety In Children

Negative thoughts as anxiety

The child feels low many times. It’s our responsibility as a parent always to boost our children mentally. And we should not leave any stone unturned to boost confidence and a sense of security in our children. Unfortunately, Sometimes a sense of worry and fear is seen in children, which causes anxiety as a reaction in them.

6. Anxiety Causes Restroom Troubles

Frequent restroom visits

Suppose there are no physical problems such as UTIs to any other health-related issues associated with children. Sometimes we have observed the child often uses the restroom than the normal routine. This is observed in anxious children. The child is scared and fear of something, which causes them to use the restroom frequently as a consequence.

7. Tummy Troubles – Signs Of Anxiety In Children

Tummy pain

It not only happens in children but is also seen in adults. Whenever we are under stress or our body is way to flight or fight response. We get anxious, which causes stomachaches. Sometimes s due to anxiety, the bowel movements are fastened, and we have a feeling to pass again and again. it is just a mental state due to stress and anxiety.

8. The Answer Is ‘No’

No for everything

No, I will not do it, Mumma. This task is not for me. Please don’t force me to do this, dad. These are some of the common answers heard by kids when they already made up their negative thought about a particular task or activity. This way, they don’t even try to appear for that and instantly say no—this negative attitude of saying No triggers anxiety in children.

9. The Sense Of Hiding – Signs Of Anxiety In Children

Hide and Hiding

Many times kids want to hide the truth. They are not willing to face the situation. If we offer food to them, they will run away or try to hide instead of facing the situation.ometime, with my children, whenever I tell them its study time; They will try to postpone the things with some distractions. Running away from the situation is the flight part of anxiety.

10. Separation Anxiety Signs

Hide and Hiding

The child always wants to be close to the people whom they love. Sometimes they don’t even want to leave them for a minute. This issue causes anxiety in children as well as parents. Whenever we talk about leaving their child for a time duration, they start feeling insecure and uncomfortable to separate from their loved ones.

11. Frequent Crying As Emotional Burst

crying as sign of anxiety

Sometimes when a child is introduced to small changes or the event where their consent is not there. They cry, and tears start rolling from their cute little eyes as the emotional outburst. Crying is one of the strongest emotions seen in children to express their feeling. Even slight changes or disagreements causes children to cry. It is common in children. But, sometimes, it is heightened and happens with more intense actions, which causes anxiety.

Stay Calm!

So, This is all about anxiety in children. In my next article, I will try to develop magical tricks to handle anxiety in children. Here, We discussed all the possible signs and symptoms of anxiety in children. In this way, as parents, we can identify and understand the neurological mechanisms that lead to enhancing anxiety in our children. Remember! Every kid exhibits anxiety and behavior issues in day to day events. So, stay calm and composed. Love your children to infinity.Happy Positive Parenting!

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