Top 9 Interesting Car Games For Kids During Travel

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While it is fascinating for some of us to have on a road trip, kids generally get bored on such trips and annoy parents with their constant whining of ‘’I’m hungry,” “I’m bored,” and “Are we there yet?” Tired of your kid complaining about getting bored in the car during a long road trip? Here are some of the fun car games for kids that you can play with your child to keep him/ her entertained while the road trip lasts!

1.Build A Story

This game is suitable for children eight years and above. In this game, parents can give their children a sentence and ask them to build a story with one person who can start, and the other can continue where he left off. This is an enjoyable way to make a creative story and an excellent way to pass the time during a road trip! Here, My Child made a story using some props and characters. Do have a look!

2. Counting Objects Car Games For Kids

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This game can be played with children that are 5+ years of age. This is a straightforward and fun game. Nominate an object or an animal that can be counted by the passengers and ask your child to count the number of that object he sees.

For example, you can choose a specific color of a car or an animal like a dog, etc. This way, the child stays busy. If you have two children, you can excite them by telling them that you’ll give a presentation to the one with the more count!


3. The Alphabet Games Car Games For Kids

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This game is suitable for ages five and up. In this game, One person has to take the right-hand side of the road, and the other person has to take the left side. Both players must look for letters of the alphabet that appear on signs or license plates on their sides.

The main object of the game is to look out for all the letters of the alphabet in order, from A to Z. The first person to spot the entire alphabet wins!


4. Playing With The License Plates

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This game can be played with children age six and above. This can be played with a group effort to spot tags from all the states of the country. Whoever spots and points out to a state’s license plate first gets the point. The person with the most issues will be the winner of the game. This also keeps the kids busy and also helps them revise their knowledge of the states of the country. So it is a great game, even from a learning point of view.

5. The Music Games

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This game can be played with children age eight and above. Music is something everyone enjoys during a road trip. Parents can turn up the music and stop it anytime in between and ask their children to sing a new song with the last word, or the last letter of the last name of the song played one by one. This continues to turn after turn. This way, children get to enjoy music, and it is more exciting for them to think of new songs to come up with, which also keeps them busy during the trip!

6.The Guessing Game

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This game is suitable for children six and above. Parents can make their children guess an object or a thing that they saw around them at that point by giving them just the initials of the item. Give them three guesses, and if they fail to answer, then change the object and start again. This way, the game, and the guessing continue, and it is entertaining too.

7. Hypothetical Questions Car Games For Kids

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This game is suitable for ages six and above. Parents can always ask interesting hypothetical questions like ‘what would you do if you were a superhero or you had a superhero?’ Or ‘what would you do if you met your fav cartoon character?’ And get to know more about their kid!

8. Theme Song Games

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It is suitable for ages five and above. In this game, One person will hum the tune to a known TV show, and everyone else can try to name the show. Whoever is the first person to guess correctly continues the game by humming the next song!


9. Virtual Games Car Games For Kids

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Children nowadays are so much into mobile phones that they have inbuilt games, keeping them busy during a road trip. Even though parents should always encourage physical games over virtual ones but because smartphones are a nonignorable part of everyone’s lives today, these video games are also a great way to keep your child entertained.

Playing such games with your children also keep you connected with them and sometimes gets to know them more. It’s a fact that about 25 percent of parents avoid booking family holidays due to the stress of traveling with kids, while 6 percent of families return home early. These games are great ideas to keep your child busy and entertained during the whole of it.I am sure you must be a part of our amazing Facebook page Tinydale to stay updated with our latest posts and videos!

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