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The first three months of newborn life are often challenging. My personal experience was very new to me. I still get goosebumps remembering the first three months with my newborn. I am sure you are part of our amazing pregnancy group “Direct From Mothers” to stay updated with the upcoming posts and videos.

So-Called Fourth Trimester With My Newborn

This phase is usually called the “fourth trimester” because there’s a tremendous amount of development still occurring while the baby adjusts to life on the skin – going from the familiar, temperature-controlled comfort of the womb to a sudden onslaught of sights, smells, sounds, and vast, open spaces with temperature swings. While their senses are still developing, babies become inundated with new sensory information. Although they cry instinctively, newborns don’t know whether they are hungry, wet, tired, bored, overheated, cold, pained, or frightened – they only know something isn’t right. Simultaneously, The feelings are very new as well. With the infant, the mother is born as well. As we know, it is the first time experience what a woman feels as a mother.

Newborn In This Beautiful World

Newborn belief-loving parents to appease this sensory overload and meet their basic needs. They rely entirely on their mom for minimal small demands from birth. Mom is their comfort zone. As the Nine months, the connection is the only way in which they feel safe and secured in this new outside world. Through this consistent caregiving, the parent-child bond grows. The sweetness of this phase is that each moment – once you looked at your newborn, touch her skin, feed her, rock her to sleep, change her diaper. This is all considered part of the bonding process.

Get A Start

As your baby grows, consider all those little kicks and movements early signs of his personality asserting itself. Meanwhile, he’s hanging on your every word. By the time your baby’s born, he’s ready to recognize your voice. Newborn feel a connection from the very first day he attaches to your uterus. The unique feeling of this love bond lasts forever. You, as a mom, should feel proud as you are that particular person who shares a lovely bond with your newborn, which no one shares and can even feel it. Be a proud mother, my friend, is a matter of prestige.

Feeding A Newborn

feeding a new born baby - tinydale

Breastfeeding provides a fantastic opportunity for bonding. While you nourish your baby, she snuggles in close (exactly where she wants to be) and takes in your scent, the sound of your heartbeat, and, therefore, the sensation of your touch. Since your baby can only see roughly 8-12 inches (about an equivalent distance from your areola to your face), it’s the right time for soothing talk as you gaze into each other’s eyes. This is often how babies first learn to trust and be comforted by you. Plus, nursing releases prolactin and oxytocin, which promote relaxation and attachment. These hormones are considered love hormones.

Excellent bonding happens with the bottle too! Hold your newborn close and lavish her with all an equivalent nourishment, attention, eye contact, touching, and talking. The mothers who cannot breastfeed because of maybe some reason you have an opportunity to cherish. You can always bond with your touch and warmth. The mom’s touch proves to do magic for a newborn.

Skin-To-Skin Contact With Newborn

skin to skin contact - Newborns - tinydale

Holding your newborn close on your bare chest is understood as “skin-to-skin.”It is the best feeling in the world. Moms feel top on the earth when they do skin-to-skin for the very first time. A hug or simple skin contact with the newborn helps him stabilize blood, heat, pulse, and stress levels. When a Mom hugs a newborn, oxytocin is released. Skin contact is the magical spell created by a mom on an infant—this supernatural helps build a perfect bond between the duo. You can Find Out the Top 10 Benefits Of Cosleeping With The Baby.

Restrict Your Phone Time

restrict phone time - tinydale

In today’s world, Mobile and other gadgets related to technology are an indispensable part of every human’s life. To restrict screen time is one of the most challenging jobs we find to deal with. But, I will suggest we as a parent should make practice ones we conceive. The best part is to practice more and more and to restrict. It is a gradual process. Start working on limiting your screen time day by day. Limit it to particular hours of the day or whichever way works best for you. Here the best way to work out is to do teamwork with your better half (Dad). The newborn needs your time, love, and attention. The maximum you can invest in your newborn is by giving your precious time. Time can only be managed when you learn to restrict your screen time.

Make Mirror Time With Newborn Together

mirror time with newborn - tinydale

Babies don’t understand about reflection, let them experiment with it when you both are in front of the mirror. Mirror time with the help of your partner can be joyful. Sometimes infants are fascinated by these acts. But it depends. Some babies may love it; others react badly. So, You, as a parent, have to judge and understand your baby’s feelings. Trying this act can be helpful sometimes and can help in bonding with your newborn.

Importance Of Heartbeat

Newborn heartbeat importance - tinydale

Still, it gives Goosebumps to new parents while hearing the heartbeat of their baby during sonogram visits. I used to love those visits as I was always excited to listen to my baby’s heartbeat. You can still listen and make them feel your touch while you handle their heart beating. Infants love when you gently hear their heartbeat, maybe by gently hugging them. Or, Keeping close to your chest. In this way, They can feel the special connection that connects moms’ hearts to the baby’s hearts.

Understanding Cries Of Newborn

cries of newborn - tinydale

The first three months are crucial for your baby’s life as everything that surrounds them is new to them and panics them. So, building trust by holding the baby closely and having a sense of security. As a new mom, you will observe babies cry frequently. And, It’s a fact sometimes babies cry without any reason. It’s the most challenging riddle for the new moms to understand and solve the mystery of why their newborn is crying? Understanding and making the solutions out of a baby cry is a continuous process until your baby settles in this new environment. You are staying calm and patient when your newborn cries can help you to come to a solution.

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Swaddling Works

swaddling newborns - tinydale

Swaddling helps the baby to have a feel of the mother’s womb in the outside world. Babies achieve a perfect sleep schedule. New moms love the act of swaddling. Many health care professionals support this process to bond with your newborn. Swaddling gives the warmth of the mother’s womb in this new world. Make sure the cloth or the blanket used for swaddling is super soft, comfortable, and cottony.

Gentle Newborn Massage

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As per the research, massage helps in building the connection between newborns and new moms. It helps in releasing the stress developed in the infant. When moms do their massage regularly, it helps in overcoming postpartum depression as well as recovery. In many countries, massage is routinely practiced for the initial months. These months are the months for building the bond. New moms should give a gentle massage to their babies regularly. The mother’s hands and feelings are unforgettable. And, it is wrapped with the oil of love and care. This acts as a protective shield for their newborns.

Stuffed Animal Friend

animal friend for newborns - tinydale

Stuffed toys can be best friends to your newborn. They love the soft and fluffy little stuffed toys to snuggle—newborns grips the little toy in their hands and love to play. Parents can learn their baby’s interests and can bond with their newborn with the help of small furry friends. Soft toys can be a sleepover friend to your newborn. Parents have to carry their little friends while traveling.

Kissing Helps To Build Bond

kissing newborns - tinydale

A kiss is the best and the most convincing way to have a connection with your little bundle of joy in the starting phase of his life. Newborn love the first kiss. It is a cozy feeling. Make sure It should not hurt your baby gentle skin. As we are very well aware, some infants have susceptible skin And, Kissing causes rash or allergy to the skin.

As a Mother, You have an intuition. So, follow your intuition, my friends. That is the best companion in developing a bond with your newborn. Talk and sing a lullaby to your baby. Taking him on your lap often is the perfect act to cuddle and love your little bundle of joy. Some moms have a love of reading; they love to read aloud to their babies from the very beginning.

By attentively meeting your baby’s daily needs, you’re already actively creating a bond. All the remainder is that the sweet, beautiful sugar on top. Please feel free to share your experiences on bonding with your newborn in the comment section below. I am sure you must be a part of our amazing Facebook page Tinydale to stay updated with our latest posts and videos! Happy Bonding!


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