If A Baby Sleeping With Eyes Open?

baby sleeping with eyes open

Do babies sleep with their eyes open? If you are not aware of the baby sleeping with eyes open is normal before, you may get shocked when you are seeing your baby sleeping with eyes open. If it is the point where you are, then you are in the right place. You may have a question, whether it is normal in babies or anything serious to worry about? The answer is yes, it is common if you are not finding any other medical condition like nocturnal lagophthalmos.

And even the nocturnal lagophthalmos is also found only as physiological lagophthalmos which has no serious symptoms and medical cause. If it is found with other symptoms like trouble blinking or closing eyes then you have to contact your doctor immediately.

So while you are seeing your baby sleeping with eyes open, don’t get scared, and allow them to sleep. Some of the parents will close their eyes by gently making their eyelids go down. When it is normal it outgrow as they grow.

Further to know, why it is so? Find out the reasons here.

Top 3 Possible reasons for Baby sleeping with eyes open

Though we are not known the exact reason we can relax for the positive side as it has not caused any harm or serious illness. However, here the possible reasons are;

  1.  Genetics:  One of the possible reasons suggested by the experts is genetic. The condition may be inherited from the parents who had similar problems in their infant stage.
  2. Rapid eye movement sleep (REM): Another possibility is baby may have a longer REM sleep pattern due to an underdeveloped nerve system. During this pattern of sleep, you can notice rapid eye movement in a range of directions, but no signal transformation to your brain. It is the deepest stage of sleep where dreams come.
  3. Birth disorder: This is the rare possibility, in which the babies found difficulty in closing their eyelids due to a congenital disorder. It may cause due to inheritance or other environmental factors. Baby sleeping with eyes open may have a defect in their facial nerves due to congenital abnormality. In a serious situation, it may require surgery to rectify this problem.

Other than normal reasons, if you found or your pediatrician informed the condition might be a congenital disorder, you observe for any dryness or irritation in the eye. If it is found any mentioned symptoms consult your doctor and prescribed them with proper ointment or humidifier. Otherwise, be calm and stare at the staring of your baby without creating any disturbance.

When to be concerned and call a doctor?

Even it is known the baby sleeping with eyes open will outgrow by after a few months, to say exactly around 18 months, the mother could not bear if it is prolonged or continues. So, when you have to visit a doctor or take it seriously.

  1. Observe their eyes whether it is kept open and extended for periods.
  2. Check for any dryness and irritation in their eyes
  3. If your babies are in later 18 months, still a baby is sleeping with partially or fully eyes open.

If you found any of these problems, don’t delay act immediately. Call your doctor and make an appointment and get proper treatment early as possible.

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