Top 5 Fun Road Trip Activities For Toddlers

Fun Road Trip Activities

Road trip activities are always fun and fascinating for everyone in the family. We are really excited when we plan a road trip. But what if I say it’s with the kids. The basic question comes to our mind is How to keep our kids busy during fun road trips?  I am sure you must be a part of our amazing Facebook page Tinydale to stay updated with our latest posts and videos! What if I say I have come u with some really fun road trip activities to keep your kids busy and engaged. Let us discuss the Top 5 fun road trip activities for toddlers

1. Fun Road Trip Activities For Toddlers Is Handy Puzzles

Learning With Alphabets puzzle

My best choice is handy and cute puzzles to be carried in the car to have fun road trip activities. You can keep the simple structure, shape, or animal puzzle with the instructions to keep your kids busy. The Interesting Way To Teach Alphabets To Kids Find Out.

Puzzles are one of the best tasks which keep children engaged and entertained for a long. Some of the benefits of puzzles with children are:

  • With the help of puzzles, Kids learn to recognize shapes and colors.
  • Fine motor skills develop. Their eyes and hands coordinate. And, With the grip, their hand and finger muscles are strengthened.
  • As they look at puzzle pieces, they try to discover the problem and gradually involve themselves in this activity to solve the puzzle’s mystery.
  • When kids do puzzles, they tend to focus and learn to concentrate.

2. Guessing Game Books Is Fun Road Trip Activities For Toddlers

Games that to the verbal ones are one of the lifesavers with the kids on board. You can engage your kids in fun games. Simply carry tiny learning books with pictures and let your kids guess the name of the object. For example, here we take a tiny Animal and its baby book, my kids are busy reading, recognizing, and guessing by seeing the pictures. These Are The Fun Ways To Learn About Animals And Their Babies.

3. Counting Games

Number Train

Kids enjoy counting. When they know counting they literally discover and explore the art of counting whenever they get a chance. Some of the examples to practice fun road trip activities are as follows:

  • Let them count the things they see on the display boards, The number of street lights, Signals, and so on when passing by the road.
  • Carry the objects such as beads, colorful sticks, Number foam mat, to make them count and keep them busy during road trips.

4. Reading Short Story Books

Reading cute and short storybooks with kids during road trips is always fun and engaging. Kids are indulged in the story and the road trips become short and bearable for kids. Carry short and sweet age-appropriate storybooks for road trips.

5. Slime

Slime play hand-on activity

Slime keeps kids busy for a long time. They really enjoy to mold and make new things with slime. The Colour and texture of the slime fascinate kids a lot. They love to keep in their hands. And discover and explore to play with the slime in different ways.

Happy Trip!

So, With these wonderful ideas, I am sure your road trips will be fun and exciting with your kids. Please feel free to share your reviews on this with us! I am sure you are part of our amazing learning group Love Is Play-Based Learning!


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