Check Out Top 5 Tips On How To Stop Thumb Sucking

Finger chewing in babies

What is to be done when your baby or a toddler starts putting a finger or sucking a thumb in their mouth? It is a big question and a concern comes in every parent’s mind whose babies do so. This habit starts gradually from putting a finger in the mouth and gradually it raises and raises if not controlled or taken care of at right time. I am sure you must be a part of our amazing Facebook page Tinydale to stay updated with our latest posts and videos! What if I say I have tried to come up with easy tips and tricks to stop finger chewing in babies and toddlers. So, let us discuss the top 5 tips and tricks on how to stop thumb sucking

Talk To You Kid

Talk to deal with anxiety

This is one of the best strategies to deal with children. Whenever your child feels restless, talk with them. Let them spell out all the things. What are they feeling? Why are they panicking? What is affecting them so much? This strategy will help them to motivate to spell things out and what can be the reason behind Finger chewing in babies and toddlers?

How to stop thumb sucking? – By Distracting Your ChildBubble play to distract them

Sometimes distracting them with the situation helps to divert their attention. Suppose the child is super angry and is facing heightened emotion. Distract his thoughts. Let him do something he loves to do can help. For example, can we play your favorite game for some time?

Giving time to your babies and toddlers is one of the magical ways. When you give time, Play with your kids, distract them and engage them in some interesting activities or tasks that kids love to do will help to stop finger chewing in babies and toddlers.

Giving An Option When thumb sucking teeth

Is is ok to give pacifier to baby

This tip of giving an alternative always works with most the kids. When we distract their mind and engage them. This way babies help to come out of this habit. You can simply give them some engaging toys to play with or a Pacifier (Find Out Is It Ok To Give Pacifier To Baby? And Its Pros and Cons).

Positive Thoughts on How to stop thumb sucking

Be positive Stay mentally strong

  • Praising and encouraging words works wonder in any situation.
  • Every human being on this earth loves to be praised.
  • If we say Wow! you have done a fabulous job! Maybe they have not done it correctly. Sometimes this way of tackling will boost a child’s confidence to do it best, and they will find an alternative to reach the goal.
  • Always use quick positive one-liners to praise your kid, such as: Wow!, This is super! This is perfect! And so on.
  • Always boost them morally, which will make them strong and boost their willpower eventually. This way they will feel positive and gradually realize that the act is not appreciated or good for their well-being and they will gradually come out of this habit easily.

The Power Of Love

Child love

  • A gentle touch of parents can be magical to your kids.
  • When u cosleep with your children, they feel safe and secure.
  • Give a tight hug whenever they are worried or scared. It releases their Anxiety And Anger.
  • Hug them even if they are happy or excited. You can share your child’s happiness as well.
  • As you play a big role in their happiness. Love can make you as a team overcomes any kind of hurdles in the journey of parenting.

Overcoming The Habit Of Thumb Sucking!

If at last sometimes if these tricks are not working you can try covering your baby’s hand with a bandage or a mitten for some time in the day. Or you can even use a thumb sucking guard. Gradually by following these simple tips and tricks I and sure your baby and toddlers can overcome the habit of finger chewing and thumbsucking. I am sure you are part of our amazing learning group Love Is Play-Based Learning! Reach out to us via our email if you want to share your story on our platform.

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