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These Are The Ways To Deal And Manage Anger Emotion In Children

Anger in children

Anger is a normal emotion. It arises from judgment. If anything isn’t fair or is wrong, an angry emotion can be felt. It’s sometimes useful for children because they can express their disagreement, but it becomes a big problem when it comes off as extremely aggressive. Parents have to deal with it in the right way, which is a big challenge. We should always encourage our children to learn their emotions and expression. In this way, they can validate their feelings. How are they feeling right now?

For example, if your child is put in a situation or is made to know something that he/ she feels is inappropriate, he/she will naturally get frustrated or strongly disagree with it. So some of this build-up is bound to come out as anger.

Causes of Anger in Children

Causes of anger

There are many possible reasons as to why your child gets angry. Some of the main causes of anger are:

  • Children learn things from their own families. Seeing other relatives or family members expressing anger to one another or being furious with each other can cause your child to express anger too.
  • Being harassed at school can also cause anger to build up in your child. When a child can’t deal with bullying, it’s natural to take upon the angry emotion.
  • Issues with friends or fellow students.
  • Feeling extremely focused, restless, or frightful about something.
  • Battling with the stress and burden of homework or being unable to understand in school, or problems with studying can also cause your child to get angry.
  • Hormonal changes during puberty can also cause a change in mood and emotions.

What Parents do Wrong with Anger Management

Parents usually have a temper of their own. When a child shows anger, they usually tend to scold them rather than handling the situation calmly. You need to understand why your child is getting angry. If it’s because of a valid reason, then you should try to deal with it by effectively communicating. But if you, as a parent, feel that the anger is unnecessary, and your child is just trying to piss you off intentionally, then you can deal with it firmly.

Not even trying to understand the reason behind and scolding them every time this happens can cause even more anger in your child. Children need someone to listen, and they rely on their parents to understand their feelings. Parents should realize that this is a normal part of growing up, adolescence, and the transition from childhood to adulthood! 

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