Precautions And Danger Signs In the Third Trimester

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Hello Everyone! Previously, We have discussed Precautions to be taken during the First trimester And Second Trimester. Here, We will learn about more addons of precautions and dos and don’t to be taken care of during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Precautions And Do’s and Don’ts for the Third Trimester

Precautions In Pregnancy

Regular Checkups- You must go for timely checkups with your doctor to avoid any problems during the third trimester.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs- During the whole of the pregnancy, you should not consume alcohol and drugs and also avoid smoking as these are harmful to you and the baby.

Avoid Cleaning- You should avoid cleaning places with many germs, like the bathroom, or clearing the garbage chute. These germs can cause various infections that you and your baby may get exposed to.

A Healthy Diet- Your body goes through several changes during the third trimester and the whole of the pregnancy, so eating a healthy diet full of calcium and protein is a must for you.

Dental Checkups- Do take dental checkups for any oral problems, and remember to avoid dental procedures and medications until the baby is born because it can be infectious.

Moisturize your Skin- Make up a skincare routine and keep your skin more hydrated and moisturized during the third trimester. This will help reduce the stretch marks and overcome the Top 10 Skin Problems Faced By Women During And Post Pregnancy.

Avoid Sexual Contact- You need to stay clear of any sexual contact in the third trimester.

Danger Signs To Look Out For


There are many complications and warning signs to look out for, especially in your pregnancy’s third trimester. These include:

  • Stomach torment and pains, be it consistent or extreme, are a warning sign.
  • Uterus tightening before 36 weeks is also a complication.
  • A significant decline in baby’s movements (encountering under 10 kicks in two hours) 
  • Chills and fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius.
  • The major warning signs that need to be cleared out with the doctor include sudden leaking of fluids from the vagina or increased vaginal discharge and vaginal bleeding.
  • More than 4 contractions in an hour.
  • Inconvenience in passing pee.
  • Cerebral pains, extreme or that don’t react to comfort measures or Tylenol.
  • Fast and increased weight gain (than one pound for every day).
  • Obscured vision or spots before your eyes.

Happy Pregnancy!

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How To Know The Signs That You’re Going Into Labor? And Ways To Find Out If Your Water Broke Early In Third Trimester. This is all about precautions and danger signs to be taken care of during the third trimester of pregnancy. Stay safe and more cautious during the ongoing pandemic. Stay Strong And Safe!

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