How To Know The Signs That You’re Going Into Labor

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A woman’s body shows some changes in the impending labor, and every woman’s experience is unique and different. Usually, the signs and symptoms of normal labor begin three weeks before the predicted due date up until two weeks afterward. However, there is no such way to predict the exact date when a woman will go into labor.

What Is Labor?

Labor is the method for birthing your infant out of your body. Labor is accompanied by contraction of the uterus, which causes labor pains, and then finally, delivery of your newborn happens as this may vary based on cycle length and duration. Some women experience disturbance in the menstrual cycle that causes it challenging for a doctor to predict your estimated due date.

Here Are Some Signs Indicates That You’re Going Into Labor:

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  • Some signs indicate that your body is preparing for labor. They may be in the form of body ache, lower back pain, or early and increased number of contractions.
  • Braxton Hicks contraction is the most common during early labor. As your hormones change, your cervix will become more flexible and may start to tense in a kind of practice contraction, known as Braxton Hicks.
  • However, if you experience painful cramps or menstrual-like pain with this type of contraction, it indicates that the delivery process is near.
  • Your waters might break. You might feel a leaking liquid from your body. This is a definite sign that your body is going into labor. When this happens, time contractions starting from the beginning of one until the beginning of the next.
  • Your bump ‘dropping’ can also be a sign. It happens when your baby’s head engages with your pelvis. Right before your labor, there are chances that your baby might drop, or it might happen a few weeks before.
  • Your feeling of nervousness might be heightened, or you might experience overwhelming emotions all at once. A change in an emotional state and repetitive mood swings can be a sign that labor is imminent.
  • The changes that take place in the body during or before labor might change your sleeping patterns. This may lead to unusual sleeping hours. It’s also a very prominent sign that indicates that your delivery time is near.

How To Know If The Labor Is About To Begin?

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If your contractions have become increasingly intense, and you experience severe pain in their lower back during or between contractions, then it is probably the time when your labor is about to begin. Back pain usually means that your baby’s head is pressuring against your lower back, and contractions grow stronger and frequent because they cause your cervix to dilate.

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