How To Do First-Aid For Burn In Children

Burn in children

Children love to learn and explore new things. They are so excited to feel and touch things as soon as they see them. It is the first step that comes to their mind to react when they see something attractive. Sensing the thing is their basic nature. Unfortunately, Sometimes the children get burnt or cause burn in children due to some things which are not for touch or feel.

Causes Of Burn-In Children

Causes of burn

  • The burns caused by the biting or touching the electrical cords left open circuits or buttons, currents are electrical burns.
  • Sometimes by mistake, kids swallow battery liquids from toys or swallow some acids like kitchen or bathroom cleaners. Due to smell or taste, they cause chemical burns.
  • Sunburn occurs due to overexposure to the sun or too many UV rays.
  • Other is the heat burns caused due to hot water spills, hot served milk, or some hot food severe to kids. This is the most common cause of burns in children.

Degree Of Burn In Children

Degrees of skin burns
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  • First degree burns are the mildest category of burn. This is the burn that occurs on superficial skin. The skin may turn little red or itch. But it does not cause blisters or bumps.
  • A second-degree burn is on the outer layer of the skin. It damages the dermis layer. This burn causes pain and can have blisters and peeling later. It required medical help.
  • Third-degree burns are severe. It damages the dermis and epidermis, the two most layers of the skin. The skin looks white, charred, and dry. In these burns, there are chances of nerve damage.

First Aid For A Minor Burns In Children

What if your child gets a minor burn during playing? You can try this first aid options for immediate help:

  • Calm the child down as soon as he gets burns. Don’t let him panic. As it can cause inconvenience to treat and give first-aid.
  • The area burnt should be kept under cool water for around 5-7 minutes. Cool water soothes the area burnt. This process helps in reducing the pain and swelling.
  • You can apply some soothing burn ointment to heal for mild burns if previously prescribed by your doctor.
  • Covering helps. Cover the burn area with a mild soft Hygenic cloth or a bandage that does not stick to that area. This helps to prevent the burnt area from further infection and to touch or to rub.
  • Keep the burn area clean and dry. So to avoid pain and infection chances.
  • Never apply butter, ghee, oil, or any moisturizers as it traps the heat and causes infections. That simultaneously delays the healing time of burn caused.
  • You can give a pain-relieving medication if prescribed by your doctor to improve the pain.
  • Using cool water is fine. Never use ice directly on the burn.
  • Seek medical help immediately if the burn is severe and painful.

It Is Advisable To Take A Doctor’s Call

Doctor consultation

  • You think your child burns are severe and not just on the superficial one.
  • It has severe pain and redness all around the burnt area.
  • If the child feels uneasy.
  • The burnt area is infected, followed by the development of watery pus and soft skin all around.
  • The burns are caused due to fire, hot steam, electrical, or chemicals. It is a must to see the child’s doctor.
  • The burn area is on the sensitive part, like on the face, genital area, near the head.
  • As kids are small and sensitive, it is always good to take your doctor’s concern in case of burns.

The article written by me is for information purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice. The reader should always consult a Medical practitioner concerning any medical condition.

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