Top 10 Changes on Body In Second Trimester

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Previously We have discussed in detail body Changes, Precautions, Baby Growth, And Development during the first trimester of pregnancy. Here, We will have a close look at the second trimester. The second trimester, for some ladies, is the most comfortable of each of the three. It starts with the 13th week of pregnancy and usually lasts till the 27th. With the start of the third trimester, you’ll experience some much-needed development and changes. Most early pregnancy manifestations will back off or even vanish. You’ll probably feel less nauseous (which implies food may at last smell and taste wonderful).

Body Changes During Second Trimester

During the second trimester, the body changes begin to lessen their effect. Some of the most prominent body changes observed during the second trimester are as follows: 


Heart burn in first trimester

The valve between the esophagus and stomach relaxes due to pregnancy hormones, which cause stomach acid to leak into the esophagus. This acid leak causes heartburn.

Tips To Prevent Or Control Heartburn:

  • Eating healthy food.
  • Having frequent meals.
  • Eating small portions at one time.
  • Eating now and then.
  • Avoiding fried food.
  • Spicy food increases heartburn.
  • Avoid taking junk foods.
  • Citrus fruits help to improve the taste.

Constipation In Second Trimester

  • In pregnancy, More of the progesterone hormone is produced in the body.
  • It indirectly affects the digestive system, slows down the bowel movements sometimes, and causes constipation.
  • Some Quick Tips to Treat Constipation:
  • Have an ample amount of fluid intake.
  • Consume fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep yourself active during pregnancy.
  • Do some mild exercise.
  • Consult your doctor if the problem worsens or if the iron is troubling you.

Trouble With Head Pain

Headache in second trimester

  • Headache is one of the common trouble experienced by most women during pregnancy.
  • Mild and safe painkillers with the consent of your doctor can be taken.
  • Making some changes in your routine can help in dealing with headaches.
  • Taking frequent meals and remaining hungry can trigger headaches.
  • Take proper rest and sound sleep as it is the key to having a healthy pregnancy.

Nasal congestion and nose bleed

nose trouble in second trimester

  • The mucous membrane in the nose swells during pregnancy.
  • This swelling causes the nose to stuff and look puffy kind of.
  • And, It leads to congestion or even bleeding sometimes.

Some of the quick tips for dealing with:

  • Use the moist, cool soft cloth over your face.
  • Taking steam with hot boiling water or a steamer helps.
  • Mist humidifier.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Saline nose drops can relive.

Red And Swollen Gums

Swollen gums in second trimester

  • Due to hormonal changes.
  • And, The plaque developed can cause inflammation in the gums.
  • It makes the gums sensitive and more prone to bleed.

Some of the Quick tips :

  • Floss your teeth.
  • Brush them regularly
  • Gargle can help.
  • Use the brush with soft bristles to avoid hurting.
  • See your dentist if required.

Uncontrollable Bladder

Frequent urination

Your child is still tiny, yet your uterus is developing, and it’s squeezing your bladder. Accordingly, you may feel like you need to go to the restroom constantly. Try not to quit drinking liquids – your body needs them – yet cut down on caffeine(Is It Safe To Drink Coffee During Pregnancy? Find Out), particularly before sleep time. At the point when nature calls, answer it when you can. Try not to hold it in.

Leukorrhea In Second Trimester

  • It’s not unexpected to see a thin, smooth white release (called leukorrhea) right off the bat in your pregnancy.
  • You can wear panty liners if it causes you to feel better; however, Avoid using tampon as it can place germs into your vagina.
  • If the release smells truly terrible, it’s green or yellow, or if it gets released in large amounts, you must consult a doctor and seek medical care.

Back Pain In Second Trimester

Back Pain in second trimester

  • As your baby is growing inside your tummy.
  • The baby requires space to expand.
  • All the weight of the baby causes stretch and pressure on your back and especially lower back.
  • This pressure developed on the back causes back pain and inconvenience.

Quick tips for dealing with back pain are:

  • Watch your posture.
  • Keep your posture straight while sitting or standing.
  • You can use pads and supports on chairs or sofas to support your back.
  • Avoid wearing heels during pregnancy as it triggers back pain.
  • Don’t bend to lift or move heavy items as it is risky.
  • Avoid lifting heavyweights.

Legs Pain In Second Trimester

Legs Pain in second trimester

  • It starts to begin from the second trimester of pregnancy.
  • Leg cramps can trigger due to pregnancy hormones.
  • And, It can sometimes be caused due to deficiency of some minerals such as calcium or magnesium.

Quick Tips to deal with leg cramps:

  • Have ample rest.
  • Use a pillow between your legs if comfortable while sleeping.
  • Avoid crossing your legs in the phase of pregnancy.
  • When you are sitting, keep legs rest at the same height using a stool or footrest.

Cute Baby Movements In Second Trimester

Heart beat Baby growth

  • Finally, Women start to feel the baby movement during the second trimester of their pregnancy.
  • Baby movements are one of the precious moments which you will cherish all your life.
  • It feels like flutters, bubbles, or knocking kind of sensation on the belly.

Body Changes In Second Trimester At A Glance

  • Women usually start to feel better and more energetic.
  • Nausea and vomiting that happens from morning sickness also don’t happen very often.
  • Hormones start to balance out, which causes fewer mood swings and overwhelming emotions.
  • Maternity clothes might be needed because of subsequent weight gain during the second trimester.
  • Breasts continue to get bigger, but they might not necessarily be as tender as they were before.
  • The milk glands in the breasts start to develop for breastfeeding.
  • Since your body starts to grow, you might get stretch marks from the tightening of the skin.
  • Your skin might feel more dry, itchy, and you may also see dark patches on the face.
  • Feeling of dizziness or lightheaded because of low blood pressure.
  • You may start to feel the baby move.
  • Body aches get frequent.
  • You will start to have an increased appetite.

These are the top 10 prominent and noticeable changes that occur during the second trimester of pregnancy. I would love it if you can keep on adding(on the list) the changes experienced by you in your second trimester in the comment box below. Till then, Stay Safe and Healthy!

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