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These Are Simple Ways To Gain Body Confidence Back After Pregnancy

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Pregnancy causes your body to change in many ways. These unwanted and undesired changes make you feel insecure about your body. After delivery, The loose belly and the sagging breasts cause low confidence in women. After pregnancy, gaining your body confidence back is a crucial aspect of post-pregnancy healing. Every mother should be confident about her body because everyone is beautiful exactly the way they are!

What Do Women Feel About Their Body After Having A Baby?

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It is a very subjective question. It varies from women to women. Most women think of it more positively and feel good about themselves after having a baby because they feel that looking at a new life is equally rewarding. In contrast, some women tend to feel very insecure and conscious about their bodies. Some women can’t even think of anything else than what others think of her now.

When people asked how would you feel a little comfortable about your appearance, the Following advise included:

  • Sleeping like before they used to do.
  • Tightening their stomach or saggy breast.
  • To reduce the weight gained during the period of pregnancy.
  • Facing reality and seeing post-baby body photos to gain confidence.
  • Mum to mum support by sharing feelings
  • Going to beauty salons and spa to pamper.
  • Spend on buying new clothes and accessories.

You Should Be your Priority Still

I am a great supporter of self-care. You should always pamper and love yourself in the best possible way. Ensure you treat your body and take good care like you used to do before conceiving. As post-pregnancy, most of the women focus on their newborn. They hardly have a minute for themselves in twenty-four hours. Remember, if self-care is not there, you will never get self-confidence. It would help if you cared emotionally as well as physically. Like for example, many new moms take a quick shower in jus like 2 minutes. And rush back to their baby duties. Instead, relax and give time to yourself. Distribute baby duties among family members to support you.

How To Make Yourself Feel Better About The Post-Baby Body?

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Most women tend to spend money on new clothes and makeup and health spas to make themselves feel better about their bodies and health. It’s the wish of most mothers that they lose the last of the pregnancy weight and could have a more toned tummy and figure, and some even want to go back to look exactly like they looked in their pre-pregnancy phase.

An excellent way to avoid the stress and thoughts of insecurities that you feel is to get more sleep and feel more refreshed! Knowing that many women go through the same problems and feel precisely the same can also help you feel better.

How To Start Loving Your Body Again?

After pregnancy, it takes a while to start gaining your confidence back. But, if we see this fact closely, it’s all in your head. Postpartum recovery takes time. And after you finally start feeling yourself again, you can focus more on yourself and your body. You may be struggling to shift those last few pregnancy pounds initially, but it gets better.

Keeping a positive outlook is the best way to kickstart the process of gaining your confidence back. Feeling self-conscious is normal, but don’t let it consume you; instead, let it go. Try to free your mind off the insecurities that hang over your head about your body.

Other Ways To Look And Feel Great:

Try A New Skincare Routine

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If you don’t feel comfortable with your post-baby skin, you can always try a new skincare routine, making you feel different and more confident and comfortable. Try to sleep whenever your baby takes a nap. Start doing multitasking and organizing the tasks as per the schedule.

Use makeup, which is time-friendly, like combo foundations or bb cream with inbuilt moisturizer and primer. Use your baby cream to pamper your skin, and you can use baby wet wipes to remove your makeup quickly. If you cannot do your eyebrows, upper lips, full face, and chin threading or waxing frequently, You can dye or tint your eyebrows temporarily if safe to do so. A rosy pink blush on your plumpy cheeks can make you feel fresh.

These Are The Quick And Easy Makeup Tips For Busy Women

Change Your Style

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You can also work on your style, try out new different styles, maybe get a new haircut for a modern look. It will make you feel better, and the insecurities would fade away in no time. You can wear sunglasses to hide your temporary eye marks, which is due to sleep struggles. Be confident in your new bod, so your tummy is a little saggy. You have fuller and prominent shaped breast. Buy some stylish accessories to give a new look to your old clothes like scarves, earrings. Buy tummy tuck underwear and proper shapewear according to your size. Control Pants can be a cherry on the cake in this phase. At last, Wear comfortable wear in which you feel cozy and cuddling.


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To lose the last of the fat you gained during pregnancy, you can do regular exercise and workout. Avoid taking up challenging workout routines until you feel completely healed from your pregnancy. Try relaxing and less tiring activities. You can do Stretching to ease tension as per time. Hula-hooping can help a lot to work out on your waist. Do exercise in breaks; you can even do a few squats and crunches if your body is ready for it.

Boost Your Mood

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Keep in mind you are beautiful. Try to stop worrying about everything and distract yourself from all of it. Go on a walk every day. Take some ‘me time’ and change your outlook to a more positive one. Visit your parents often and share their experience and gain a love boost. Catch up with your old friends to chill and enjoy. Join social groups of mums to share and gain experience.

Stop Comparing Yourself

You are unique and beautiful! No one in this world is perfect. These are not just sayings. Try to believe in these sayings. They boost your confidence level. Never compare yourself to other mothers. Remember, each parent has a different parenting style, so it is yours. Never discuss your child’s milestones and other developmental strategies. This will never help; instead, it leads you down in confidence. Trust your love and care towards your kids. Believe you are doing just perfect.

Getting Back To Your Social Life

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Catch up with your friends and talk things out with them. Your friends might have a good influence on you, which will help you feel confident and happy.

Use Positive Strategy

Thinking and speaking positive always do wonders. Believe in yourself. If you have a trust in yourself, things will turn magical. Never use negative tones. Stay away from people who spread negativity around as the aura affects your inner self. There is a significant impact on the environment you are surrounded by. Ensure positive vibes boosts your self-confidence.

All these ways are constructive in making you feel good in your skin. There’s no use of being hard on yourself. Remember, you are gorgeous the way you are, and nobody can take your shine away from you, so keep shining bright.

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