Does Chewing Gum Help Lose Face Fat? Answer Will Surprise You

does chewing gum help lose face fat

Does chewing gum help lose face fat? This may be your question. You can see the mixed answers over the internet. A few say yes and a few others say no. We cannot tell anyone to follow a practice that does not have any scientific evidence. In that sense, the conclusion here is that there are not enough studies, and their result supports this question.

One thing we should know is that our jawline and its appearance are depending on genetic bone structure. You can ask, by chewing can we able to get a defined or toned jaw. Your facial muscle may experience some activity or workout while chewing gum, but it will not create any visible impact on the jawline. When you chew, the muscles in the cheeks and neck are only involved in the chewing. They have a high impact than other muscles. In this article we will try to learn about chewing gum benefits and side effects.

Are There Any Benefits Of Chewing Gum To Jawline?- Does Chewing Gum Help Lose Face Fat?

You cannot see any changes in the jawline. The chewing cannot cause any changes in the jaw muscle mass and its definition because most of the muscles used for chewing are the cheeks and neck muscles.

But the only benefits of chewing gum you can see is that you can strengthen masticatory muscles and their function performance, a 2018 study. Another study in 2019 indicates that chewing gum can strengthen muscles in the tongue and cheeks. The feeding functions and swallowing are also improved.

Top 10 Side Effects Of Chewing Gum

Is chewing gum bad for you? We will find the answer here. There are some negative effects of chewing gum. With the thought that chewing gum can change your jawline, if you chew them too much, it can lead to potential side effects. Occasionally it does not cause any problem.

chewing gum side effects are;

  • Pain and tightness in the facial muscles
  • Headache
  • Jaw popping
  • Temporomandibular joint injury
  • Jaw clicking
  • Jaw muscle pain and soreness
  • Frequent chewing can cause enamel demineralization
  • is gum bad for your teeth? – Cavities problems
  • Chronic headaches and frequent migraines are possible side effects if you chew excessively – (chewing gum side effects on brain)
  • Jaw joint injury and disorders are possible according to one study

How To Get A Defined Jawline And Toned Face Fat?

chiseled jawline

Does chewing gum help jawline? In this section of the blog, we will try to solve this query.

Are you curious to know about sharp jawline? or how to get a chiseled jawline? We should forget about the myth chewing gum can reduce your doubled chin. Scientifically the spot reduction is not possible. Chewing gum cannot target your jawline or can get chiseled jawline, instead, the natural movement involves the movement of the cheeks and neck muscles and make strong jaw lines. Try other ways to improve your jawline appearance. You can achieve it with diet, exercise, and medical procedures. Here we will have a look at double chins exercises.

  1. Balanced Diet and Jawline Exercise

You can call a diet a balanced diet only if it has all the essential nutrients to build your muscles and strengthen them. When you are taking enough food and doing the required exercise, you can achieve overall weight loss including your jaw muscles. The body can burn fatty acids and glycerol from any part of the body when it needs. So you don’t require to target a specific area as you will lose overall weight.

A balanced diet includes the foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains, lean proteins, dairy products with low fat, and unsaturated fats. Avocados, cottage cheese, and protein-rich foods will give good results in weight loss.

Avoid junk foods, processed foods, and sugary foods in your diet. Balanced diets with regular exercise can keep your overall body fat in control.

  1. Lower Jaw Push

Does chewing gum help your jawline? Chewing gum for jawline – Do jaw exercise by moving the jaw forward and backward by keeping your face straight. Repeat it 10 times for effective results for double chin exercises.

  1. Face-Lift Exercise

Gum for jawline, You have to do this exercise by keeping your mouth wide open and flaring your nostrils. Be in this position for 10 seconds before you release it. This exercise helps to reduce muscles around your upper lips and tighten your face skin.

  1. Roll the Tongue

It may be funny but can give result in reducing face fat. Roll and stretch your tongue and try to touch your nose, but no worries if cannot. Keep your head straight while doing this exercise and hold for 10 seconds.

  1. Fish Face

You can try this exercise to reduce your double chin. It is easy, suck your cheeks in and hold them in for 30 seconds. Doing this exercise four to five times daily you can see results.

  1. Simhasana or The Lion Pose

While doing this yoga, you should pose like a lion by exhaling with your tongue out and roaring. It reduces the tension in your jaw, neck, and face. You can do it five to six times daily for better results.

  1. Facial procedures

Chewing gum can only work on cheek and neck muscles, you cannot reduce your face fat much with this technique. It is what we are seeing from the start. Medical procedures can help reduce face fat and to tighten and sharper your jawline.

  • Botox injections and dermal fillers: By injecting the Botox injections into the masseter muscles you can make face muscles soft and can get a slim and defined face. To maintain this face definition you need to inject every 6 months. The dermal fillers will add volume and give a sharp jawline.
  • Kybella: In a Kybella Injectable technique, the fat cells under the chin are destroyed by the deoxycholic acid and making it unable to store fat again. It requires 5 Kybella treatments to achieve the results. It is a safe, effective, and bearable alternative.
  • Thread Lifts: In Thread Lifts, the stretches are inserted to lift and tighten your face. It is more affordable and non-invasive than injectable fillers.
  • Surgical procedures: Other alternatives you can try for reducing your face fat under your chin are surgical procedures. Some of them are neck lift, neck liposuction, and chin augmentation.

Conclusion On Does Chewing Gum Help Lose Face Fat?

Does chewing gum help lose face fat? You cannot reduce your chin or face fat by just chewing gum. The chewing process does not effectively make your targeted muscles like jaw muscles react to this. To see little change in the muscle, you need to chew gum for extended periods. If you do this for a long time, you may get pain and feel uncomfortable.

If you are concerned about your chin fat, you need to talk to your doctor and take the necessary treatment. Even if you are trying any exercise, discuss it with your doctor before you start.

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