5 Hidden Facts About National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

vanilla ice cream day

July 23rd is national what day? Yes! We are here with the answer.This is the day for all the vanilla flavors lovers out der. Even the ice cream lovers it’s the day to cherish and another special occasion to sit, chill and have your cup of vanilla ice cream right away while going through this article! Do you know about the history of National Vanilla Ice Cream Day History? If yes we would love to hear at Tinydale!What Is It?, How To Celebrate.

People even love to celebrate this special day  As:

  • National Vanilla Ice Cream Month
  • National Vanilla Ice Cream Week

People who are fond of cake would love to celebrate National Vanilla Ice Cream Cake Day!

There is even one famous tongue twister that goes like this: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!! Find out a cute video of tongue twisters below!

5 Hidden Facts On National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

national vanilla ice cream day

Do you wonder the origin of vanilla ice cream? We are here with the hidden facts. On this special day we will learn 5 hidden facts about Vanilla:

  1. In the 14th century, the Yuan dynasty invented ice cream which was served at courts
  2. In the 1400s the Europeans discovered the vanilla plant.
  3. Three famous personalities Hugh Morgan, and Queen Elizabeth I’s apothecary, used vanilla for flavoring their deserts in the 1600s.
  4. In the 1700s Fresh started adding vanilla to the ice cream is when was vanilla ice cream invented and where was vanilla ice cream invented.
  5. In the 1780s Sir Thomas Jefferson was the person who made vanilla ice cream popular in the US. He used to serve this special ice cream to all his guests who visited the white house. Source

When is it?

When is national vanilla ice cream day? This day is celebrated on July 23rd each year. On this special day, people celebrate by eating vanilla ice cream. People eat vanilla ice cream on this day. 6. Learn more about this fun holiday. Vanilla Ice Cream is a delicious treat that everyone loves. We will Discover some facts about this tasty dessert. On this special day, we celebrate the deliciousness of vanilla ice cream. Learn what makes vanilla so special! Discover some fun facts about vanilla ice cream!

Happy Vanilla Day!

Please do let us know in the comment box below how you celebrated national vanilla ice cream day 2021! Get ready to enjoy some tasty treats today! Have a great time celebrating this special Day with these recipes! Make sure to check out our other posts. Comment below with any questions or suggestions. Enjoy reading our blog posts! Till then Happy vanilla day!

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