10 Month Old Baby Milestones – A Complete Guide

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Hello dear parents! Are you eager to see something new in the naughtiness of your little one? Are you excited your baby is 10 months old? Here we are with yet another blog on 10 Month Old Baby Milestones – A Complete Guide. It does not matter whether it is your firstborn or second. Every child is unique and they all get up to mischief in different ways. It is always amazing for every parent and family member to see the quick transformation of their little infant into an independent individual who is now playing, going around here and there, and trying to communicate just like an elder person.

This is the moment when you love your baby’s new hobbies on one hand while worrying about her safety on the other. Nothing compares to watching your kid take on new challenges, such as trying to stand and then walk or attempting to pronounce his first real words. You must be incredibly proud of your little one. Still, you might be curious about what’s coming up in the future weeks, including what 10-month-old babies can eat, how long they should sleep, and which development milestones they can expect-We have got you covered on all of this, and more in this article, so keep reading!

Developmental Milestones

Baby milestones 10 months. Your 10 months old is taking advantage of his newfound independence by going on an exploratory drive. Here are a few of the 10 month old baby development milestones to expect this month.


  • Moves from the belly to a seated posture
  • Squats down from a standing position
  • Using furniture pulls himself up to a standing position from the floor.
  • Crawling Baby
  • Stands up unassisted
  • Walks and/or takes steps
  • Points or goes for things they want
  • Grabs finger foods and feeds herself
  • Babbles and imitates words
  • Waves “bye-bye”
  • Starts to pronounce simple words like “Ma” “Ba” and “Dada”
  • “Scooches” butt
  • Rolls from rare to front and front to rare
  • Can stack playthings, cups, or bowls


Boost Baby Brain Development

  • Can see colors in a good manner
  • Develops distinct preferences for flavors and textures
  • Express curiosity and explores how things function
  • May show separation anxiety 
  • Shows new personality qualities
  • Attaches significance to words, such as obtaining shoes when you say “bye-bye.”
  • Recognizes simple one-word requests or phrases
  • Has a passion for music

Note: – If your baby hasn’t tried crawling or can’t roll over, do not forget to consult your doctor.

Emotional and Social Milestones

two month old baby (1)

This is the time when your child is getting ready for all of the social gatherings and emotional temperament.

  • Waves goodbye: Seeing the infant off now has its own set of emotions. Wave farewell to 10-month-olds and gain an understanding of this social activity. They might even chirp something along the lines of “bye-bye.”
  • Stranger anxiety: A newborn may feel uneasy in the presence of strangers or when left alone with them. He might be adamant about not falling into their arms.
  • Separation anxiety: During the first ten months of life, babies have severe separation anxiety and may even throw tantrums to prevent them from leaving.
  • Reacts to situations: If you take away a toy from the infant, he will cry. If he hears a loud noise, he may become nervous. Your baby’s reactions will now be more varied.
  • Hide-and-seek is a fun game that they enjoy most.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development

Cognitive skills refer to a child’s ability to learn, think, and solve problems.

  • Develops object permanence
  • Looks for objects she sees you hide
  • Enjoys gazing at picture books
  • Puts things in his mouth
  • Learn to associate meaning with words
  • Says “mama” and “dada”
  • Repeats activities
  • Understands request.

10-month-old Milestones –  Baby Activities

  • Many 10 month old baby activities are available to aid your child’s development and learning. Some may aid in the development of his sensory skills, while others may aid in the development of his muscles and motor skills.
  • Making Stacks
  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Singing
  • Imitating
  • Stacking
  • Arranging
  • Sorting
  • Walkers and Riding Toys
  • Balloons Playing

Make sure the baby has an interest in the activity. Do not compel your infant to participate if she shows no interest. Instead, do something different with her that she might enjoy.

10 month old baby Milestones Chart

Let us have a look at the glance of the 10 month old baby development chart:

10-month-old baby milestones chart - tinydale


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