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Is your baby turning 9 months? It means now your baby is much more mobile and likes to explore. Babies at this age started crawling and can raise themselves to stand, so safety and precautions in the home become a significant factor as your baby’s interest (and movability) develops. Your baby now answers to her/his name, loves to snuggle with family members and relatives, and may show shyness or fear of outsiders. your baby has begun to associate with their current environment. This article brings you all you require to need to know about your growing milestones 9 Month Old Baby.

Developmental Milestones 

Let us know about 9 month developmental milestones. Okay, parents, prepare yourselves: Your child is actually nearer to being classified as a toddler than an infant at nine months. Here are some of the physical and mental developments you can search for during the current month. 


  • Moves from the stomach to a situated position
  • Pulls up to a standing situation from the floor, utilizing furniture Creeps or crawls on the ground
  • Some babies may have unique kinds of creeping styles, for example, hurrying with one leg 
  • Cruises furniture by walking/ strolling
  • Stands up unassisted
  • Taking steps
  • Points or goes for things that they need 
  • Grabs finger food sources and eating herself 
  • Babbles
  • Imitates words
  • Wave’s “bye-bye”
  • Starts to say basic words like “Mama” and “Da”
  • Rolls from back-to-front and front-to-back


Boost Baby Brain Development

    • Can see colors well at this point
    • Develops specific choices for tastes and may have loved and not-so-loved foods
    • Shows interest
    • Explores how things work
    • May express partition uneasiness
    • Remembers where certain things in the house are—no really deceiving them by “stowing away” things far away 
  • Plays, for example, moving a ball to and fro 
  • Loves opening and shutting things

The 9-month-old baby food menu

How much should a 9 month old eat? Are you looking for balanced food for your 9-month-old baby? A balanced and full of a nutritional diet is very important for the overall development of babies. We have shown a food chart in the following which will help you a lot in making your baby food plan. You can try 9 month old baby food recipes. It is very easy to maintain.

9 month old baby foodchart tinydale

9 month old baby Milestones Chart

Let us have a look at the glance of the 9 month old baby development chart:

9-month-old baby milestones chart - tinydale

Emotional and Social Milestones of 9 Month Old Baby

two month old baby (1)

A portion of the manners in which you will see your little one figuring out how to interact with people around her at 9 months. 

  • Starting to stick to grown-ups she knows about. 
  • Might fear outsiders. 
  • Has the most loved toys that she goes after regularly. 

Cognitive Development  

Cognitive Development

Cognitive or Intellectual capacities relate to the child’s learning, thinking, problem-solving ability. From the following points, you can understand his/her cognitive development activities.

  • Watches the way of something as it falls 
  • Looks for things she sees you cover-up 
  • Plays surprise or peek-a-boo game
  • Puts things in his/her mouth 
  • Moves things easily from one hand to the next 
  • Picks up things like oat o’s among thumb and index finger 

9 month old baby activities

As your baby gets to the 9-month mark, she will begin such countless various exercises. Here are listed some fun and easy 9-month baby activities.

  • Dropping a Toy in the Bucket
  • Squeak and Hide
  • Ball Rolling
  • Hide-and-Seen
  • Clapping and Singing
  • Water Play
  • Strolling on a Stroller
  • Sand Play
  • Treasure Basket
  • Reading

Ensure she has an interest in the activity. If she shows disinterest, don’t drive your child to take part in it. Instead, try doing something different that she may enjoy and shows interest in.

So this is all about 9 month milestones. Cheers to your 9-month baby! Hey! Do you have a curiosity to know the next more months milestone for your baby? Stay in touch with Tinydale.

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