Top 10 Amazing Ways on How to Help a Baby Crawl Early

How to Help a Baby Crawl

In this blog, we will learn about another popular baby milestone about crawling in babies. It is one of the major stages in baby development. We try to cover and keep you updated on the baby monthly milestones via posts and videos on Baby World. In this part, we will learn about the top 10 ways on How to help a baby crawl? We will also focus later on stages of crawling, When should babies crawl? How to help the baby sit up and crawl? So what are we waiting for? Let us get started:

1.  Encourage Tummy Time To Baby Crawl

Two month old baby

Encouraging tummy time in babies helps babies crawl early. When they are in this position, they try hard to make their knees strong and gradually balance and take crawling.

Tummy position helps in developing muscles of:

  • arms
  • legs
  • back
  • neck

These all ultimately help strengthen muscles and enhance the process of crawling.

2. Hand Movements To Baby Crawl

Father Love

Make sure to encourage your tiny ones to stretch out their hands forward. This activity and the exercise will help the baby crawl forward very very soon. And gradually it will strengthen their crawling muscles.

3. Favorite Toy

Vehicles in toys

Keep your favorite toy of your baby out of the reach of their hands. These toys can help on How to get baby to crawl early? A favorite toy such as colorful and bright sound toys will go a long way at this stage. When you keep the toy at a distance. They will try to stretch their arms in the position to move forward.

4. Position to Baby Crawl

I Am Four Months Old baby

Helping your baby to be in a supportive position to crawl. Holding and supporting your baby through the abdomen and let them take the crawling position with your support leads to help the baby crawl. What if the baby crawl backwards? It is perfectly fine if babies do this sometimes.

You can help them by holding their body weight with your hands still let them be on their all fours to touch the ground. In this way, they will get real exposure to how the process of crawl happens?

5. Your Palm Works

kids hands

BAby’s palm plays an important role in the baby’s crawl. When they are ready and are on their fours i.e. two hands and legs. Let the baby push of your palm to find a push to move forward and finally crawl.

6. Limiting Time

Stop stroller

By limiting the time baby spends on:

  • Swing
  • Stroller
  • Playdate
  • Activity center
  • Infant car seat
  • Rocker
  • Bouncer
  • Bassinet
  • High chair

will definitely help boost their brain development and become more independent and give them chance to be on their own and take the next step to proceed for stages of crawling.

7. Lifting Baby

I Love You Baby!

Lifting babies off the floor strengthens their leg muscles. You can simply start practicing by lifting just a bit from the floor and bringing them down. When leg muscles become strong and sturdy, it helps babies to proceed to the stage of crawling.

8. Independent play for Babies

two month old baby milestone

You can put babies on the safe comfortable and safe foam mat and let them play on their own for some time. What is your say on is it ok to let the baby play alone? Let your baby be free to move on all sides such as:

  • right side
  • left side
  • back
  • tummy

It will ultimately make your tiny ones healthy and strong.

9. Showing Up With Example to Baby Crawl

two month old baby (1)

Pretend play goes a long way. You can imitate and stay next to your baby in the crawling position. When they will start observing you they will definitely try to follow your position by making efforts. This will help them to process in the stage of crawling. If you have a sibling at home it’s a very cool benefit. They can pretend play and imitate the new baby when they are ready to crawl.

10. Being Bare Foot

Benefits Of Barefoot For Children

When little ones are on the floor they tend to get tactile sensory experience. The best part is to leave your babies barefoot on the floor. Limiting the use of footwear at this stage will encourage the process of crawling.

Happy Monthly Milestones!

Happy Baby

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