11 month old milestones – A complete guide

10 month old baby

You are nearing your baby’s first birthday, and so much has happened in the last year. You might be having problems keeping up with your toddler, who is no doubt moving around with ease — and getting into everything in your house if you are not attentive to them. While you wait for his first birthday, you wonder if he has met all of his developmental milestones of 11 month old milestones. Do you know what those milestones? We go over the many milestones your kid will hit at 11 months, as well as how you may aid his development.

Developmental Milestones – 11 month old baby milestones

Developmental Milestones

As your baby reaches toddlerhood, one of the most noticeable developmental changes is that he or she will lose their plump newborn appearance and begin to lean out. Walking burns a lot of calories, so those adorable little rolls will be replaced with more lean muscle to propel your child around the home.

This month, you should expect several physical and emotional changes.


  • Will start standing without support
  • Will gain finer finger control with a greater range of motion
  • He Will begin to learn to adjust his stance to reach items more easily
  • cruising while clinging on the furniture or your hands
  • Your baby’s motor and muscle capability have improved, and he or she now has a better hold on items.
  • I Will enjoy the experience of opening drawers and cabinets
  • They are drawn to new objects and attempt to open them. Keep any chemicals, cleaning products, and cosmetics out of the room.
  • Move things between hands.


  • Comprehends and executes complex instructions and directives
  • Will remember relatives and address them with the proper noun.
  • Can recall the names of various household items
  • Will say complex words after hearing them from parents
  • The baby will acquire a strong preference for solid foods.
  • Will smile when he sees someone he knows.
  • The baby expresses his dissatisfaction loudly.
  • Start learning the use of several other objects

11 month old baby meal plan

Your 11 months baby can consume practically any type of solid food at the age of 11 months. When an infant is roughly a year old, their tastes are likewise well established. As a result, parents should aim to feed their 11-month-old babies a variety of nutritious foods.

In addition to the 10-month baby food chart provided in our earlier article, you can introduce the foods listed below at 11 month old baby food chart.

Baby Food Chart


  • Waking – Milk
  • Breakfast – Seasonal fruit puree, Baby wheat biscuit
  • Mid-morning –fruit or vegetable snack
  • Lunch – Rice with dal/Dalia
  • Mid-afternoon – Milk and fruit pulp
  • Dinner – Soup, Cheese straws, Apple crumble
  • Bedtime – Milk



  • Waking – Milk
  • Breakfast – small pancakes with fruit yogurt
  • Mid-morning – Diluted fruit juice, or vegetable snack
  • Lunch – Tuna pasta bake/idli
  • Mid-afternoon – Milk and vegetable snack
  • Dinner – Wheat bread, Easy potato French fries/ Wheat patola
  • Bedtime – Milk



  • Waking – Milk
  • Breakfast – Apple, pear puree, oats Dalia
  • Mid-morning – diluted fruit juice, Fruit snack
  • Lunch – Roti with mildly spiced gravy
  • Mid-afternoon – Milk and fruit snack
  • Dinner – Oven-roasted veggie sticks, Paneer sandwich
  • Bedtime – Milk



  • Waking – Milk
  • Breakfast – Mashed apple with mild spice, oat biscuit/upma
  • Mid-morning – diluted fruit juice, fruit or vegetable snack, suji upma
  • Lunch – veg uthappams
  • Mid-afternoon – Milk/Milkshake and vegetable ground salad
  • Dinner – panner cheela, seasonal fruit puree,
  • Bedtime – Milk



  • Waking – Milk
  • Breakfast – Banana/poha/upma
  • Mid-morning – diluted fruit juice, fruit, or vegetable snack.poha/dosa
  • Lunch – Rice with curd/Roti with any vegetable
  • Mid-afternoon – Milk/kheer or any seasonal fruit
  • Dinner – Cheesy pasta with tomato, Dalia
  • Bedtime – Milk



  • Waking – Milk
  • Breakfast – Mixed fruit muesli
  • Mid-morning – diluted fruit juice, fruit or vegetable snack/ dosa
  • Lunch – moong dal cheela/
  • Mid-afternoon – fruit or vegetable snack/ plain lassi
  • Dinner – Sweet potato pancakes, vegetable sticks
  • Bedtime – Milk



  • Waking – Milk
  • Breakfast – Dalia, Brown bread soldiers
  • Mid-morning – green gram or healthy mix dosa, diluted fruit juice, fruit or vegetable snack
  • Lunch – Moong dal khichdi/ Rice with dal
  • Mid-afternoon – Boiled potato/paneer, Milk
  • Dinner – tomato pasta sauce with pasta stars, Mango and vanilla rice pudding
  • Bedtime – Milk



For an 11-month-old, this is just a normal eating menu. Always base the amount of food you give your baby on his or her hunger, as appetite varies from baby to baby and most newborns alter from day today.

Cognitive development – 11 month old baby milestones

Baby at month 11. The important milestones relating to the baby’s cognition, reasoning, and decision-making abilities are covered in this area.

  • Recognizes individuals by their names
  • Experiments with speech and language
  • Explores new methods to play with toys
  • Knows how to use particular objects
  • Understands the word “no”
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Will repeat simple noises

11 month old baby activities

Some of the 11 months old baby activities are:

  • Practice walking.
  • With interactive reading, you may learn about animal sounds.
  • Time for music with the elephant piano
  • Stacking game with circles
  • With this board book set, can learn first words.
  • Play with cars
  • Playing with a singing puppy
  • Sensors Play with books that he/she can touch and feel.
  • On the go, try a classic Ball game
  • Tummy time on the water met
  • Play a game with blocks and a ball to improve motor skills.
  • With the BPA toy, can learn how to push and pop.
  • Pacifier and Rattle
  • Make a tower out of Blocks.

Remember that babies have distinct personalities. It is crucial to be patient and provide all of the resources necessary for your kid to grow normally and develop into a healthy human being.

11 month old baby when to worry

Milestones that aren’t met are a major red flag. It could be anything from a somewhat sluggish muscular tone to a bashful nature that prevents your child from crawling. If your child is anything like

  • He has not tried crawling
  • Is not able to sit up on his own
  • Do not respond to you or try to engage with you.
  • She has not really figured out how to go around yet, whether crawling, cruising, or walking.
  • She is uninterested in interactive games such as peekaboo or pat-a-cake, and she does not look for hiding objects while watching.
  • No, she’s not pointing to things or making movements like waving or shaking her head.

Do not forget to consult with your child’s pediatrician.

Happy 11 Months Baby!

So this is all about 11 month old baby milestones. I hope you found this post to be interesting and helpful. Leave a remark below if you have something to say to us.

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