10 Easy Ways To Teach ee words

ee Words For kids

In this lesson plan, we will figure out 10 fun ways to learn Long E sound i.e. ee words with engaging activities and games. So, What are we waiting for? Your Friend Tinydale is here to take you on an amazing journey of learning ee words:

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1.  Introducing ee Words for Kids

Randomly teachers can start by asking the words which have long E sounds in the words. Children are free to participate. The teacher can start writing the words containing ee in their spellings on the whiteboards. The teacher can start adding the words on their own on the wall as well.

2. ee words list

Once you are done with the introduction. You can use this below chart prepared by us at Tinydale to find an amazing list of ee words. These ee words for kindergarten can be used. These are called ee word family. Let us learn about the ee words list, you can simply download the pdf file and use it for free.

ee Words List

3. ee sound words

A digraph is the combination of two letters such as :

o and a together make /oa/ sound – oa phonics

n and g together make /ng/ sound

o and u together make /ou/ sound. – ou words

making one sound i.e. phoneme. Here the long E sound is the example of a split digraph. e and e come together to make a long /ee/ sound as in Bee, Feet. As when the vowel team rule says When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. The same is applicable here when two e’s combine they make a long ee sound.

4. Objects with ee Sound Words

Let your kids see all the objects and things in front of them. Please keep all the items related to words in front of your children and let them explore. Try to extract what they are thinking about the objects in front of them? Let them spell aloud the word they are seeing in front of them. Like I kept a:

  • Bee toy
  • Sheep animal toy


  • Seed

  • See
  • Teeth
  • Sleep
  • Sweet
  • Tree

And let your kids play the guessing game. And let them spell out the object placed in front of them turn by turn.

5. Vowel Digraph Quiz Game

You can prompt by asking simple questions in the form of a quiz. Each team will have 5 questions. If you say pass the other team will get the turn. The team with maximum points wins the game. You can simply put up questions which as ee digraph words as answers such as:

  • Name something you like to eat when u eat something spicy?
  • Name an animal that gives us wool?


  • The activity which we do when we go to bed?

Teddy sleeping on bed

  • What we clean with the brush early in the morning?

How To Teach Your Child To Brush

  • A bonus question What are the ee rhyming words?

6. Read aloud words per minute


Teachers and Parents can let their kids recall the objects or things they have seen just now. Let them spell out loud using phonics. They will try to explore many new words using the ee digraph. Parents or teachers can introduce new words by giving hints and asking questions. Let them think on their own.

7. What do you see?

ee words what do you see game

What do you see? Phonics game for kids. Magnifying glasses with a luggage tag tied around that says ‘What do you see….?‘ Have ‘ee’ words written on cards all around your provision and ask them to only bring the ‘ee’ words back. The one who reads the most wins the What do you See game. You can even make a paper crown with the title ‘What do you see? Winner ‘.

8.  Anchor charts

New Document ee words

  • Brainstorm ee words and make an anchor chart.
  • You just need a pencil and a paper.
  • Let children draw a picture with the ee words and label them.
  • Let Enrichment ones draw the pictures and label them.
  • And with support can simply draw or write as per their choice on a piece of paper.

9. Phonics Poem With /ee/ Words

Make a Fun Poem using them…e.g,

  • I went to the farm
    And what did I see
    A fluffy white sheep
    Screeching at me.
    I went to the farm
    And planted a seed
    When it grew up
    It was a weed.
    I went to the farm
    And what did I see
    Three bees
    Buzzing in the tree…….
  • You can sing along this with the kids multiple times. Let the kids underline the words having ee in them. Children will have fun reciting the poem. You can even let them circle the words with beautiful and bright colors.

10. /ee/ sound story

story games

You can explore a short story. Teachers and Parents can always support their children to read, read, and read. You can select a concise story to start building habits, followed by focusing on the discussed related story. Read with your child in the comfy reading corner. Once kids are comfortable, encourage them to make a short story using ou words. You can always prompt them to give clues and picture ideas. Some examples of Stories are:

  • Wheels! by Annie Cobb
  • Sleepy Dog by Harriet Ziefert
  • Me Hungry! by Jeremy Tankard
  • Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy E. Shaw
  • The Bee Tree by Patricia Polacco

Independent Work

  • Lower ability can circle the correct word having the long ee sound from the pictures.
  • Middle ability can write down the words in the pictures below.
  • Higher ability can unscramble the word incorrect order such as r t ee i.e. to tree

Review And Closing

You can use picture cards, flashcards, charts, and storybooks to recall and recollect the lesson. So, Here is all about the /ee/words lesson plan. This is how my child and I love to make learning fun. These are the top 10 hands-on activities initiated by me for my children to learn words. Please feel free to share your experiences with digraph and learning. You can get more of our simple lesson plans in the learning category. Do not forget to share your stories with us on [email protected], If you would like to get featured on our platform.

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