Top 15 Ways to Teach kid brushing teeth

How To Teach Your Child To Brush

Encouraging your child to develop any habit is a phase and it takes time. Parents need to stay calm and composed while developing the process. The same goes with How to teach kid brushing teeth? It is important to have healthy teeth for kids. Also please try to involve in age-appropriate household chores. In this blog, we will figure out Top 10 ways to teach your child to brush their child in a fun way. Let us get started with some innovative ideas:

1.kid brushing teeth by doing Along

Teeth health is an indispensable part of health hygeine.Doing along with the kids is a magical thing. As kids do what they see? The best way to make them learn is not by teaching specifically. Instead, you just do and let them see and decide what works wonders. While you do your brushing routine just let them observe and decide on their own. I bet they will definitely follow soon. Teaching the importance of Time by doing the DIY Analog Clock Art. You can even demonstrate by brushing children’s teeth.

2.Make It Interesting

Excitement For New Baby

Try to make the task of brushing interesting for your kids. Just don’t try to create pressure and make it a simple routine. Instead, try to find out some fun ways to inculcate during the brushing routine. Like we do for making a healthy sleeping schedule.

3.Kid brushing teeth by Using Favorite Toy

Sleepover before you grow old

Let them be free to take their favorite toy to take along with them while going to do brush. Children love to take their favorite toy or fluffy friend in their daily activities. They feel safe and secured to develop a new habit or a routine easily.

4.Smoothen The Transition

Leaves change color

Kid’s healthy teeth are the concern of every parent. Parents should make sure to be gentle and soothing while transitioning. As they can easily adapt to a change when the approach is with love. Parents can help to develop the habit of brushing gradually.

5. Kid brushing teeth by  Step By Step

Step By Step Teach Your Child To Brush

How kids brush their teeth? Let your kids watch while you are following the steps such as:

  • Take a brush.
  • Put toothpaste.
  • Brush your tongue.
  • Massaging gums.
  • Then heading towards the teeth
  • And focusing on back teeth as well.

Make the steps slow and easy for kids to follow by making it more visual and with proper voice. At last, show them the result achieved by brushing your teeth. Do show them the sparkly white teeth.

6.Pretend Play Helps

Pretend to play works with almost all children. You can let them pretend to play with a teddy, doll, or their favorite character toy. Encourage them to brush their teeth. They will feel the exposure and will learn and can practice the steps to brush their teeth. Make it fun and make them learn while playing.

7. Kid brushing teeth by Giving Rewards

Birthday gift ideas for kids

Rewards work best for each child. You can reward your child if he follows proper brushing schedule step by step by:

  • Giving a quick hug.
  • A gentle tap.
  • Giving stars on the chart.
  • A heart on their hand.
  • Making them feel special.
  • If a toy time is pending for them, Buy a toy that they are thinking to buy for a long.
  • Surprising your kids.

9.Earn A Tooth Fairy Coin Game

I had made a quick game that works with my children to brush teeth, kids. You can even try as well by:

  • There can be any number of players.
  • Let them learn about brushing first.
  • The participants have to make the entry in the chart every day.
  • The player with the maximum number of ticks will win the game.
  • And, That child will earn the tooth fairy handmade cute coin.

10. Kid brushing teeth by Dancing


If your child loves to dance. This can be a fantabulous idea to teach the habit of brushing. Just moving and doing quick and simple moves on tunes while brushing can be fun and they will learn quickly.

11.Sing-Along Song

music games

Make a cute song or one-liners to say to start their brushing routine. Like for example, we made Dental songs at Tinydale which are kids sing while kid brushing their teeth. It is the cute teeth brushing song. If you like this song please don’t forget to tag us., we say :

It is the time

Yes! It is time…

It is the right time

come on!

Brush your Teeth!

12.Teach Your Child To Brush By Setting Routine


Routine or setting a timetable works well. As kids get used to it. Just make a routine or the schedule on which time you will brush your teeth. And, How many times in a day? Once set it becomes easy for kids also to follow their timetable accordingly.

13.Brush Time Rhymes

Making them learn cute and short brush time rhymes that can help them to follow steps of brushing with interest. And to sing along before they go for brushing. As children love rhymes.

14.Teach Your Child To Brush By Making Pictures


Let them be involved in some sensory play. Encourage your child to make their favorite cartoon character brushing their teeth. You can even attach a routine chart to the picture cutout. In this way, They will be involved. The picture on the wall near the brush area will definitely encourage them to brush and clean their teeth.

15.Importance Of Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene Teach Your Child To Brush

Last but not least. Please do encourage them to learn the importance of oral hygiene. Why they have to clean their teeth? How to do brush? Making them know the importance will definitely go a long way. As they really know the reason behind tooth brushing.

Happy Brushing!

These are some of the quick ideas which work best to Teach Your Child To Brush their teeth. These I have come up with personal trials and experience. I am sure you must be a part of our amazing Facebook page Tinydale to stay updated with our latest posts and videos! Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment box below! Do not forget to share your stories with us on [email protected], If you would like to get featured on our platform. Till then Stay Safe And Do Take Very Good care of Yourself!

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