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10 Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Children

Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Children

It is very common to observe separation anxiety from being an infant to a toddler to a preschooler and even in kids and tweens. Believe me, it is very normal. The intensity of separation anxiety varies from child to child. As every child is unique. I am sure you are part of our amazing learning group Love Is Play-Based Learning! What if I say separation anxiety is very common and is experienced by every child in their life. We as parents have got the amazing opportunity to address and handle separation anxiety in the best possible way. Here I have come up with a parent’s guide that includes the top 10 ways to handle separation anxiety in children. So, let us get started:

Forms Of Separation Anxiety In Children

Separation Anxiety can be seen in many forms and expressed in multiple ways such as:

  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Cry
  • Screaming child
  • Feeling uneasy or in any other form.

1. Training For Saying Good-Bye Habit-Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Children

bye bye to wind

Train yourself to make the goodbye short and sweet. The tiny the moment the easy it will be to avoid anxiety in little children. Make it simple a tap on the back and saying a quick bye will help.

2. A Touch Of Love

Sense Of Touch

A simple touch of love i.e.

  • Hug
  • Kiss
  • just a little tap
  • Kissing on the forehead

Will do wonder to ease the separation anxiety and children.

3. Talk To Your Child-Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Children

Talk to deal with anxiety

Talking to your child always helps. Communicating with them will do wonders. Make sure that you will return soon after school hours. Or even if you are going for an hour or so for a market or some other plans, the Child can get anxious and freaks out. Discussing with them about your visit will definitely help.

4. Plan Ahead

Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Children planning

Planning always works for me. As when you plan it always helps.When you have a proper plan to execute you can definitely follow the steps to achieve it. Like for example if your toddler is about to start for a playgroup. The best strategy to plan for a week ahead. Make a timetable prior for a weak to follow in the initial days to handle separation anxiety in children. Like you have a plan and ways for your child to prepare for a new baby in the family.

5. Stay Calm-Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Children

Calm to deal anxiety

Yes! You heard it right. I have got a survey done and got to know that the best thing that works well is to stay calm. When you as a parent stay calm, you are ready to control your emotions and are willing to control heightened emotions at the time of separation such as crying or feeling uneasy.

6. Practise Makes Perfect

This is a fabulous saying and it is true indeed. The same goes in the case of ways to handle separation anxiety in children. You can start practicing by:

  • Leaving for a short time maybe minutes in initial in their grandparent’s room.
  • Taking them to their friend’s house and leaving for some time till that you can finish your work.
  • Taking your kid on a playdate
  • Practicing and pretending to leave in a preschool at gom in the form of play as children learn best when they are playing.

7. Following the discipline-Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Children

Positive Parenting

Being gentle and loving helps. But at the same time, you as a parent should focus on being consistent. As when you follow the discipline and make a timetable and follow the time. Kids are also mentally prepared and adapt easily. Find Out Top 10 Ways For Parents To Deal When Your Child Is Hitting You.

8. Make The Explanations Clear

Relax Tips To Promote Creative Thinking In Children

Make your toddler understand the upcoming situation. And, With the essence of love and a lot of support, you can gradually prepare your child to handle separation anxiety by explaining them.

9. Giving Attention-Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Children

Asking questions

Children are attention seekers and they love when we pay attention. So to overcome this hurdle of separation anxiety you have to start giving attention to your child which will directly help to ease separation anxiety.

10. Listen To Your Child

Listen to your child

Last by not least the amazing way to handle separation anxiety in children is by listening to children. It is as simple as it sounds. Yes! Do you have to just listen to your little ones and what are they going through? How are they feeling? Listening to them makes us as parents understand them better and overcome any kind of trouble.

Happy Parenting!

Positive parenting tips

Here I tried to sum up some of the amazing ways to handle separation anxiety in children. I am sure you must be a part of our amazing Facebook page Tinydale to stay updated with our latest posts and videos! Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment box below! Do not forget to share your stories with us at mytinyda[email protected], If you would like to get featured on our platform.

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