Top 10 Changes on Body In Second Trimester

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Nasal congestion and nose bleed

nose trouble in second trimester

  • The mucous membrane in the nose swells during pregnancy.
  • This swelling causes the nose to stuff and look puffy kind of.
  • And, It leads to congestion or even bleeding sometimes.

Some of the quick tips for dealing with:

  • Use the moist, cool soft cloth over your face.
  • Taking steam with hot boiling water or a steamer helps.
  • Mist humidifier.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Saline nose drops can relive.

Red And Swollen Gums

Swollen gums in second trimester

  • Due to hormonal changes.
  • And, The plaque developed can cause inflammation in the gums.
  • It makes the gums sensitive and more prone to bleed.

Some of the Quick tips :

  • Floss your teeth.
  • Brush them regularly
  • Gargle can help.
  • Use the brush with soft bristles to avoid hurting.
  • See your dentist if required.

Uncontrollable Bladder

Frequent urination

Your child is still tiny, yet your uterus is developing, and it’s squeezing your bladder. Accordingly, you may feel like you need to go to the restroom constantly. Try not to quit drinking liquids – your body needs them – yet cut down on caffeine(Is It Safe To Drink Coffee During Pregnancy? Find Out), particularly before sleep time. At the point when nature calls, answer it when you can. Try not to hold it in.

Leukorrhea In Second Trimester

  • It’s not unexpected to see a thin, smooth white release (called leukorrhea) right off the bat in your pregnancy.
  • You can wear panty liners if it causes you to feel better; however, Avoid using tampon as it can place germs into your vagina.
  • If the release smells truly terrible, it’s green or yellow, or if it gets released in large amounts, you must consult a doctor and seek medical care.

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