Top 10 Apps To Learn About Distance And Area Measurement!

10 Apps To Learn About Distance And Area Measurement

In the digital age, mastering distance and area measurement has never been more accessible. Explore our curated list of the top apps to learn about distance and area measurement and discover the tools that empower precision and convenience in diverse applications in today’s age.



What Is A Distance And Area Measurement App?

Distance measurement involves determining the length between two points or the extent of space between objects, typically using units like meters or feet.

Area measurement calculates the size of a two-dimensional space, often in square units, by determining the extent of a surface enclosed by a boundary, such as the area of a room or a piece of land.

These measurements are fundamental in various fields, including construction, mapping, land surveying, and everyday navigation. Source


How Do These Apps Work?

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These apps work by utilizing GPS, augmented reality, or user-input data to calculate distances and areas. They access maps, satellite imagery, or photos to provide reference points, allowing users to trace boundaries, plot points, or measure objects.

Advanced algorithms then process this information to deliver accurate measurements for diverse applications. Source


Top 10 Apps To Learn About Distance And Area Measurement


Land Calculator 

A comprehensive land measurement tool for real estate professionals, offering precise area and distance calculations for property development.

Golf GPS Rangefinder 

Perfect for golf enthusiasts, it measures distances to hazards and greens, helping you improve your game.

RoomScan Pro 

An app that creates floor plans by simply tapping your device against each wall, ideal for interior designers and home remodelers.

Measure Map

Enables you to measure routes and areas on maps and satellite images, providing accurate calculations.


Designed for drone users, this app creates aerial maps and calculates distances and areas for surveying and mapping purposes.


An augmented reality app that uses your device’s camera to measure distances and dimensions, making it useful for home improvement projects.

SiteMaster Building

A professional tool for architects and engineers, it creates floor plans, measures areas, and calculates distances on-site using your mobile device.

GPS Area Measure 

A user-friendly app for measuring areas on maps and satellite images, suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and land surveyors.

Measure Map Pro

Provides advanced measuring features on maps and satellite images, including area calculations and distance measurements.

MagicPlan for Business 

A business-focused version of MagicPlan, it allows for floor plan creation and precise area measurements for commercial spaces and property management.

Some More Apps For Distance And Area Measurement

  • Mapometer – A cycling and running app that tracks routes, calculates distances and provides elevation data for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • GoMeasure – An augmented reality app for measuring objects and distances in the real world, useful for quick estimations.
  • Runkeeper – A running app that tracks your runs, calculates distances, and helps improve your fitness with detailed statistics.
  • RunGo – A running app that offers voice-guided navigation, tracks your routes, and calculates distances in real-time.
  • Planimeter – GPS area measure – Measure the area of any plot or land by tracing its boundary on a map with this app.
  • Smart Measure – An augmented reality app that measures distance and height using your smartphone’s camera.
  • Distance Measurement Tool – Measure distances on a map and calculate routes for various outdoor activities.
  • Ruler App – Turn your smartphone into a virtual ruler, measuring objects with precision in centimeters or inches.
  • MagicPlan 2D/3D – Create 2D and 3D floor plans, measure areas, and calculate material requirements for construction and interior design.
  • Runtastic – A running and fitness app that tracks your workouts, calculates distances and provides training plans.
  • GPS Area Measurement – A GPS-based app to calculate the area of land plots, ideal for agriculture and land management.
  • Run/Walk With Friends – Track your outdoor activities, compete with friends, and measure distances while staying connected.
  • Distance Meter – Measure the distance between two points using GPS, making it easy to calculate distances on the go.
  • iHandy Level Free – A versatile app that includes a level, ruler, and protractor for precise measurements and leveling.
  • GeoCam Free – A geospatial camera app that embeds location data into photos, helping to measure distances in photos.
  • My Altitude – Find your altitude, measure heights, and explore elevation data based on your current location.



In conclusion, the featured apps provide diverse solutions for mastering distance and area measurement. Whether for leisure or professional use, these tools empower users to explore, calculate, and enhance their understanding of spatial dimensions in an increasingly digital world.

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