50+ Amazing Animal That Start With E (Free Facts Inside)

animal that start with e

Ask yourself this: can you immediately think of an animal that start with e?

We frequently come across species whose names we have never heard of while we explore the wide world of animals.

Several of these unusual names start with certain letters, which adds to their intrigue.

Starting with the letter E, this listicle delves deeply into the fascinating world of animals.

We have everything you need, from the well-known to the unusual, especially if you’re trying to expand toddlers’ and youngsters’ vocabulary of animal names beginning with the letter “e.”

Increasing children’s vocabulary helps them learn more and piques their interest in the diverse range of animals.


Familiar Animal That Start With E

There are many different creatures that start with the letter E in the enormous kingdom of nature that are both well-known and fascinating.

This collection of E-starting species includes anything from big beasts to microscopic insects.

Explore some of the most well-liked and fascinating animal names that begin with the letter E by diving in.

  • Eagle

The eagle encompasses a variety of huge bird species. Eagles hunt only animals with backbones.

Within the animal realm, the eagle is a predatory bird with a huge beak and feet.

The national symbol of the United States of America is the bald eagle.

  • Elephant

The biggest terrestrial mammal in the world is the elephant.

They feature enormous flapping ears, tusks on either side of their trunks, lengthy tails, and long trunks.

Elephants have an interesting fact: their tusks are actually their teeth!

  • Emu – Animal That Start With E

Emus are endemic to Australia and are the second biggest bird in the world, larger than ostriches. They are flightless animals.

Because of their powerful legs, emus can sprint up to 50 km/h.

Emus have evolved a pouch in their throats to allow them to communicate by making loud noises instead of flying.

  • Earthworm

These worms open up the soil, allowing nutrients, water, and oxygen to seep into the plant roots.

Even though they may not reside in the soil, other earthworms aid in the decomposition of the materials used to make compost and manure.

  • Elk

After moose, elks are the second biggest species of cervids or wild herbivores.

Elk are a popular game for hunters, and their meat is present as a delicacy in several stores and restaurants.

Additionally, their antlers are in use for novelty items and conventional East Asian medicine.

  • Eel – Animal That Start With E

The conger eel is the most deadly species.

These are ray-finned fish belonging to the Anguilliformes order.

The word “eel” includes 800 species of real eels as well as snake-like fish including electric, ribbon, wolf, and moray eels.

  • Earwig

Tiny insects called earwigs may be identified by the pincers on their abdomen.

They live at night and may be found anywhere in the world.

Earwigs do not creep inside human ears, unlike what the general public believes!

Female earwigs are fierce guardians of their young and eggs.

  • Elephant Seal

Elephant seals are gigantic marine animals that get their name from their massive size and the long trunk-like proboscis of the male.

When searching for food, these seals can hold their breath for more than a hundred minutes then swoop down into the water.

Males are among the biggest creatures on Earth since they may weigh up to 4,500 kg.

  • Eastern Coral Snake – Animal That Start With E

Native to the Southeast of the United States, the Eastern Coral Snake is a poisonous snake with vivid colours.

Their vivid colouring serves as a warning that their bite is poisonous.

The well-known proverb “red touch yellow, kills a fellow” aids in setting it apart from innocuous imitations.

Despite having a strong neurotoxic venom, they tend to be timid and avoid contact with humans.


Domestic Animal That Start With E

Numerous animals are devoted friends or help in agriculture, both within our homes and on the pastoral landscapes of farms.

These are a few domesticated and agricultural animals that begin with the letter E.

  • English Setter

Because they were raised to “set,” or silently lay down, when searching for birds to hunt, the English Setter got its name.

The coat of an English Setter is exquisitely long and smooth.

In addition to being excellent hunting partners, English Setters may be a superb household pet.

  • English Springer Spaniel

Probably derived from Norfolk or Shropshire Spaniels in the middle of the 19th century, the English Springer Spaniel is a popular breed of gun dog.

It was first developed in England as a hunting partner to track and recover game.

With a shorter coat and fewer feathering, the field variety resembles a hunting gun dog more.

  • Emu – Animal That Start With E

The emu is an Australian bird of great stature.

In the world of birds, only the ostrich is taller than the emu. Though they are emus, they are not able to fly.

Nonetheless, they are capable of sprinting at speeds of up to thirty miles per hour.

Another fascinating thing about emus is that they can spend weeks without eating!

  • Exmore Pony

Native to the British Isles, the Exmoor pony is a breed of horse where some still survive as semi-feral animals on the vast moorland of Devon and Somerset in southwest England.

Exmoor has been classified as “threatened” by The Livestock Conservancy and as “endangered” by The Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

  • Exotic Shorthair – Animal That Start With E

One kind of shorthair cat that is well-known for its undemanding placidity and patience with kids is the exotic shorthair.

Compared to other shorthaired breeds, this cat has a longer, springier coat that can come in any number of colours.

The exotic shorthair breed exhibits devotion and loyalty.

  • Erminette

A chicken that carries both a gene for white feathers and a gene for black feathers is called an Erminette. ,

The Erminette chicken possesses both black and white feathers, as opposed to either being dominating or being grey, because of this.

Mammal Animal That Start With E

Mammals live in almost every type of environment on Earth and are distinguished by their warm blood, hair, or fur, as well as their capacity to care for their offspring.

Mammals, from the smallest shrews to the enormous blue whale, are incredibly intriguing.

This is a list of mammals whose names begin with the letter E.

  • Echidna

One of only two animals that lay eggs is the echidna, also known by its previous name, the spiny or spiky anteater!

The platypus is the other. Remarkably, Australia is home to both species.

There are echidnas in New Guinea as well. Every other animal produces living offspring.

The echidna is warm-blooded, furry, and feeds its young milk, just like other mammals.

  • Ermine

A slender-bodied weasel is present in temperate and polar parts of Eurasia and North America is an ermine.

This species, which is also frequently as the stoat or the short-tailed weasel, is an important predator and prey animal in the environment.

  • Eland – Animal That Start With E

It is challenging to distinguish the eland from other antelope species.

Eland live for fifteen to twenty years on average.

At up to 26 inches in length, their horns are among the largest of any antelope species.

Even though they are smaller overall, the females’ horns can grow up to 27 inches in length.

  • Elephant

These enormous creatures display a wide range of complicated behaviours, some of which are similar to human behaviour and others of which are exclusive to them.

However, the elephant is in a dangerous situation and may be for extinction if more isn’t done to safeguard them following decades of decrease due to poaching and habitat destruction.

  • Eurasian Beaver – Animal That Start With E

Eurasian Beaver are present in Europe, Scandinavia, and certain regions of Asia.

The Eurasian beaver was formerly near to extinction over most of its territory, but it is currently a success story for conservation.

It is Europe’s biggest native rodent species. This species is a keystone. Just like its relative in North America, it works hard to create dams.

  • Eastern Lowland Gorilla

There are two varieties of gorillas in Africa, the Eastern lowland gorilla being one of the biggest subspecies of the Great Apes.

The world’s biggest primates are eastern lowland gorillas.

Among all the monkey species, they are among the most intellectual.

A silverback gorilla, an adult male gorilla of considerable size, leads a troop of Eastern lowland gorillas.

Wild Animal That Start With E

When we go into the outdoors, we come across a wide variety of animals that have evolved to live in the most hostile and unexpected conditions.

Nature’s laws are in charge here.

Some of the wild creatures whose names begin with the letter E are listed below.

  • Elk

After moose, elks are the second biggest species of cervids, or wild herbivores.

Males make the bugling sound by screaming and whistling at the same time, as seen by their lip and nose movements.

Bulls, or adult males, have a 40 mph top speed.

  • Emperor Penguin

The Emperor Penguin is the largest and most distinctive species of penguin in the world, and it can be found on and around the Antarctic continent.

Unlike other penguin species, Emperor Penguins lay their eggs at the coldest area on Earth during the coldest time of year.

  • Eastern Coral Snake

With its bands of red, yellow, and black, this slender, jewel-toned elapsid is present as the harlequin coral snake and is one of the most beautiful in the United States.

Due to the production of a neurotoxic that paralyses, it is also one of the most deadly.

The good news is that it needs a lot of provocation to bite a human as it is a timid animal that prefers to hide.

  • Emrald Tree Boas

Before sufficient data was gathered, biologists classified emerald tree boas into two species: the northern and southern varieties.

Of all snake species, the northern and Amazon Basin emerald tree boas have some of the biggest teeth in relation to their body size.

Even for boas, these snakes have extremely sluggish metabolisms.

Between meals, an emerald tree boa may go more than a month without eating.

  • Eastern Box Turtle

One species of hinge-shelled turtle that goes by the name “box turtle” is the eastern box turtle.

Eastern box turtles are terrestrial, in contrast to many other turtle species in the family.

They have a four-decade lifespan. However, human activity is currently shortening their lifespan.

  • European Wild Cat

Native to Europe, the little wildcat subspecies mostly inhabits woodlands.

It is much bigger, less tamed, and has a few slightly different genes from the European common shorthair cat, but otherwise they are quite similar.

While females utilise the forest as a place to give birth, males search for food in agricultural areas.

  • Eastern Green Mamba

The eastern green mamba, while not as poisonous as other mamba species, can nevertheless pose a threat to humans if it bites.

The good news is that bites—including fatal ones—are rare since it is such a timid and secretive species.

Sea Animal That Start With E

Some of the most fascinating animals on Earth may be found in the vast and cryptic depths of the oceans and seas.

When we venture into the ocean, we discover a wide variety of aquatic animals that start with the letter E.

  • Eagle Ray

Their larger tails and rhombus-shaped bodies set them apart from other ray fish.

Tropical and temperate waters and seas are home to these bottom feeders that like shallow water.

They use their flat teeth to break the shells of crustaceans and mollusks to get food at the seafloor.

  • Elephant Seal -Animal That Start With E

It’s simple to understand how this seal received its moniker because of its trunk-like snout.

A male seal’s weight may reach 4.5 tonnes. About nine months of the year are spent in the water by these seals.

Bulls are the term for male elephant seals.

The 19th-century hunting of these seals drove them nearly extinct.

Three years of age marks the adulthood of an elephant seal.

  • Electric Catfish

Although there are other catfish families with electrical organs, this one has a particularly well-developed electrical organ in comparison to the others.

The catfish can protect itself and catch prey by ejecting a shockwave that may reach up to 450 volts.

Beneath the epidermis, the organ is made up of gelatinous muscular tissue.

  • Emperor Angelfish – Animal That Start With E

One type of marine angelfish is the emperor angelfish.

Emperor angelfish, both male and female, can have colour changes during mating or in response to danger.

An emperor angelfish’s skull has a circular form similar to its body.

Emperor angelfish function as cleaner fish by consuming the parasites of larger species.

  • Egyptian Tortoise

This turtle is so little that the typical person could easily fit it in their palm.

In the northern hemisphere, it is the smallest.As a herbivore, the Egyptian tortoise mostly eats grass.

Five years of age is when an Egyptian tortoise achieves adulthood. There is no hibernation for the Egyptian tortoise.

  • Eider – Animal That Start With E

These nimble flyers can dive beneath the surface of the water at incredibly fast rates, capturing mollusks as well as other marine creatures and plants.

Although they can dive up to 180 feet below the surface, they would like feed in shallower areas.

  • Eartheater

South American fish called eartheaters are found there.

There are several species in the genus Eartheater.

They inhabit the Amazon and go by the name cichlids as well.

These fish are popular additions to aquariums as a way to reduce algae growth.

Insect Animal That Start With E

Because of their extraordinary diversity and adaptability, insects are essential to the ecosystems in which they live.

Their small stature frequently obscures their significance.

Let us explore the kingdom of insects whose names begin with the letter E.

  • Earth Boring Scarabs Beetle – Animal That Start With E

Round and domed Earth-boring Scarabs are small, tank-like beetles with disc-shaped orange extensions on their antennae.

Larval food sources include fungi, dung, compost and decaying plant material.

The beetle grub will consume its food supply after hatching, make its way down the tunnel to the surface, and pupate into an adult with wings.

  • Eastern Amberwings

When it flies, this dragonfly hovers near the water’s surface, where it feeds on tiny insects.

Men mark their territory along the coast, favouring patches of flora and wood fragments protruding from the sea.

After the eggs disperse and finally hatch into naiads (larvae), they spent their whole lives underwater eating other tiny aquatic insects.

  • Edward’s Glassy Wings – Animal That Start With E

The brown wings on this moth have a sparkling sheen on them best seen in the light.

A large tuft of brown hair covers the thorax.

The fall is when Edward’s Glassy Wings are most active because they are nocturnal birds.

Like the adults, these caterpillars are nocturnal, coming out to feed at night and hiding under leaves during the day.

  • Eyed Baileya

The eyes may not be as obvious in some individuals, but their presence is apparent upon closer inspection.

The densely packed thorax is very hairy, with dark brown hair covering the lower region near the wings and golden hair making up the majority of the higher portion near the head.

  • Elderberry Borer Beetle – Animal That Start With E

The antennae of adult black fish are around the same length as their bodies.

Their namesake and host plant, elderberry, frequently has them on its leaves and blossoms.

Eggs are placed on the leaves, branches, and bark of elderberries.

The larvae continue to pierce the plant’s roots as they become bigger, reaching the pupal stage.

Animal That Start With E : Conclusion

We have explored habitats, kinds, and classifications as we have journeyed through the plethora of creatures that start with the letter E.

Our admiration for the diverse species that inhabit our world is enhanced as a result of this investigation, which also broadens our comprehension of them.

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