Top 100+ Maa Kali Names For Baby Girl (With Meanings)!

Maa Kali Names For Baby Girl

Naming your baby girl after Maa Kali is a beautiful and meaningful choice. Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction and empowerment, is a powerful and revered figure in Hinduism. Here are 100 Kali names associated with Maa Kali, along with their meanings for your baby daughter!

All About Maa Kali

Kali Maa, a prominent Hindu goddess, represents the fierce and transformative aspects of the Divine Feminine. Often depicted with dark skin and a necklace of skulls, Kali is a symbol of destruction, time, and empowerment. She is known for her role in vanquishing evil forces and demons, such as Mahishasura. Kali’s name itself means “black” or “time,” emphasizing her destructive and creative powers. She is both a terrifying and benevolent deity, teaching us that destruction is an essential part of the cycle of creation. Devotees seek her blessings for protection, courage, and spiritual growth, recognizing her as a symbol of feminine strength and liberation. Source


Common Maa Kali Names For Baby Girl 

  • Kali – The name of the goddess herself, representing her dark and powerful nature.
  • Bhadrakali – Meaning “benevolent Kali,” symbolizing her protective aspect.
  • Kalika – A variation of Kali, signifying her fierce and bold qualities.
  • Mahakali – “The Great Kali,” highlighting her vast power and strength.
  • Dakshayani – A name that means “daughter of Daksha,” one of Kali’s incarnations.
  • Chamunda – A name denoting Kali’s role as the slayer of demons Chanda and Munda.
  • Bhagavati – Referring to her as the divine goddess or a form of the Divine Mother.
  • Kalaratri – “The dark night,” symbolizing the transformative power of the goddess.
  • Shyama – Meaning “dark” or “black,” emphasizing her complexion.
  • Kapalini – A name that signifies Kali’s association with skulls and death.
  • Jaya – Meaning “victorious,” emphasizing her ability to overcome evil forces.
  • Tara – A name signifying her as a star or guide, leading devotees through life’s darkness.
  • Nila – Meaning “blue,” highlighting her dark and fearsome form.
  • Chhinnamasta – Referring to her as the self-decapitated goddess.
  • Rudrani – A name that connects her with Lord Rudra (Shiva) as his consort.
  • Bhima – Meaning “terrifying” or “frightening,” reflecting her fierce nature.
  • Kanyakumari – Signifying her as a young virgin goddess, often associated with purity.
  • Krittika – Representing her connection with the Krittika constellation, where she was raised.
  • Trinetra – “Three-eyed,” referring to her third eye, symbolizing inner knowledge.
  • Kamakshi – Signifying her as the goddess of desire, often associated with love.
  • Chandika – A name reflecting her role as the fierce and destructive goddess.
  • Vaishnavi – Connecting her to Lord Vishnu, emphasizing her divine nature.
  • Parvati – A name representing her as a gentle and nurturing form of the goddess.
  • Siddhidatri – Referring to her as the granter of supernatural powers and boons.
  • Simhavahini – Meaning “lion-rider,” symbolizing her as the fearless warrior.
  • Shodashi – Representing her as the 16-year-old goddess, signifying youth and beauty.
  • Katyayani – A name that connects her with the sage Katyayana, her devotee.
  • Kshirja – Meaning “born of milk,” highlighting her motherly aspect.
  • Ambika – Refers to her as the divine mother or mother of the universe. Source


Rare Maa Kali Names For Baby Girl 

  • Kadambari – A name associated with the Kadambari flower, symbolizing beauty.
  • Kalarupa – “Form of Kali,” highlighting her fierce nature.
  • Kankali – Referring to her as the goddess who devours time and negative energies.
  • Kalarupini – Signifying her as the embodiment of Kali’s form and attributes.
  • Kalyani – A name that denotes auspiciousness and well-being.
  • Kamadhenu – Meaning “the wish-fulfilling cow,” symbolizing abundance.
  • Anandamayi – Signifying her as the embodiment of bliss and joy.
  • Bhuvaneswari – Referring to her as the goddess of the universe.
  • Kamakshi – A name connecting her with desire and love.
  • Kalamanjari – Meaning “the garland of Kali,” symbolizing devotion.
  • Kameshwari – Signifying her as the goddess of love and desire.
  • Mahishasura Mardini – Referring to her as the slayer of the demon Mahishasura.
  • Kalanidhi – A name that means “treasure of Kali,” emphasizing her value.
  • Kalapini – Signifying her as the one who holds the essence of time.
  • Kamadatri – “Giver of desires,” representing her power to fulfill wishes.
  • Krithika – A name associated with the Krithika constellation, where she was raised.
  • Kalyanika – Meaning “auspicious,” symbolizing her positive influence.
  • Chandrakanti – Signifying her as the shining moon, representing her radiance.
  • Kalahansa – Referring to her as the swan of time, symbolizing her transcendence.
  • Krittikeshwari – A name connecting her to the Krithika constellation.
  • Kalajayi – Signifying her as the victorious over time and darkness.
  • Kalakantaka – Referring to her as the destroyer of time and death.
  • Kamakalarupa – A name that combines the ideas of desire and Kali’s form.
  • Kameshvari – Meaning “the goddess of love,” emphasizing her loving nature.
  • Kalaghni – Signifying her as the one who eradicates negativity and darkness.
  • Kalabhairavi – Referring to her as the fierce form of Kali.
  • Kadambari – A name that denotes the beauty and elegance of the Kadambari flower.
  • Kameshwari – Signifying her as the goddess of love and desire.
  • Kamalakshi – Meaning “lotus-eyed,” representing her beauty and grace.


Some Other Kali Maa Names

  • Bhadrakali
  • Kalika
  • Mahakali
  • Dakshayani
  • Chamunda
  • Bhagavati
  • Kalaratri
  • Shyama
  • Kapalini
  • Jaya
  • Dhumavati
  • Tara
  • Nila
  • Chhinnamasta
  • Rudrani
  • Bhima
  • Kanyakumari
  • Krittika
  • Trinetra
  • Kamakshi
  • Chandika
  • Vaishnavi
  • Parvati
  • Siddhidatri
  • Simhavahini
  • Shodashi
  • Katyayani
  • Kshirja
  • Ambika
  • Kadambari
  • Kalarupa
  • Kankali
  • Kalarupini
  • Kalyani
  • Kamadhenu
  • Anandamayi
  • Bhuvaneswari
  • Kalamanjari
  • Kameshwari



These Kali names not only hold cultural and religious significance but also carry a deep sense of spirituality and power associated with Maa Kali. You can choose the one that resonates most with you and your family’s beliefs. Hopefully, you liked the list of Maa Kali names!


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